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im having major issues with my baby. he is just over a month and its terrible. he was on soy formula which made him constipated and in pain. then we tried the good start natural cultures but it made him so sick and colicky that we couldnt function and nw its happening with the similac sensitive which is lactose free. so to sum it up soy, milk based, and lactose free formulas all make him sick! and the gas drops and gripe water isnt working.. after him crying for literally 7-8 hours a day does ANYONE have any suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP


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I am also having the same problem with my baby girl. It seems like everytime she needs to poop she is in pain and will begin pushing and screaming. We had her in similac and that when all this started. Then we switched to GoodStart and her poop got very sticky. Now we have her on Enfamil Gentlease. Before we switch to enfamil she would have bowel movements once a day and sometimes just everyother  day and she would try all day and nothing would come out. Now for the last day (we have had her on enfamil for 2 days now) she is going almost everytime after she eats but she still screams for almost an hour trying to get it out. It is so sad and I wish I knew how to make the pain go away.

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sound like it could be colic, is he drawing his legs up too. nothing works for colic. it caused by the digestive system being inmature. i can last up to 12wks.

it also could be reflux. this is also painful, is he back arching, spilling/vomiting, gulping, coughing, all or some of the other symptoms. you could try thickened feeds like S26 AR, KARICARE AR, or gaviscon in feeds( from the chemist) or just put some rice cerial in the bottles. i hope this helps!!

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Try switching to Enfamils Nutramigen. It is hypoallergenic. I changed when my daughter was 2 weeks old, because we learned that she was crying because she was allergic to cow milk protiens as well as the soy, Since switching she is a 100 x better.

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my son had similar problems. He is now on Alimentum and it has worked wonders. Within 3 days of him being on it, he became such a happy baby!! Alimentum is pre digested and is especially for babies that are allergic/sensitive to soy and milk.

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Is he arching his back?  My son ended up having to go on zantac for awhile when he got like that.  Our Ped gave us a prescription for it. 

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Brayden had a few problems with formula at about the same time.  He is now using Enfamil Gentlease and it is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!  What does the ped say?

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is there a reason you were useing soy formulas? my son colton was the same way! i tried breastfeeding in the beggining it seemed to be the only thing that worked, but he started eating more than i would produce... so i had to supliment with formula i tried every single formula on the shelf!!! the only one that worked for us was enfamil lipil with added iron. hes 4 months now and hes been fine ever since. it took him a few days to get adjusted but all is well now! good luck, i hope this passes. if not the baby could just be colicky and your going to have alot of sleepless nights!

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i dont think its the bottles because the colic just started so bad since the doctor told us to try the milk based and lactose free formula......but thank you and we have to call the ped back tuesday so maybe its acid relux....i dont know im just worried

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is it the type of bottle that is causing the colic???

mine didnt have colic but a close friends did (ours r 4days apart)

nothing was working and she swapped on to the bottles i use and that really helped!!

i use NUK

my second hurled everything up for 9wks and he is now on S26 anti-reflux.

sorry its not much but i dont really know to much about the situation cos i didnt go thru wat u r.

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