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Taren - posted on 10/26/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have a month and a half old baby and i was wondering if they are fussy and you have tried everything that mmnormally would calm them down doesnt work i was wondering if they might just be fussy?? or do they not know how to be just fussy till they are older??


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Jackie - posted on 11/22/2009




I had the fussiest son on the face of the planet! He was never happy, he never took naps, and I could never set him down. It was a nightmare and totally not enjoyable like motherhood should be. The only thing that made him happy and take naps was buying one of those vibrating bouncy seats and actually tapping it with my foot to make it bounce a lot. I went to the doctor about his fussiness and they had me try Nutragagin formula to see if he was allergic to anything but it made no difference. They told me he was colicy (but he didn't cry for hours or anything like colicy babies do). They told me he would grow out of it. And he did! It took until he was at least 4 months old to be less fussy. He was still a little fussier than other babies, but now at 8 months...he is awesome and hardly ever fussy. Good luck! I can honestly say it will get better having been there myself!

Christina - posted on 11/20/2009




My son was (and still is) always fussy. Have you told your doctor? After many trips to my doctors office because my son was crying all the time and it was very hard to calm him they did some tests and found that he has reflux which will make a baby very fussy. They also found he had a milk protein allergy switched him to alimentum (hypoallergenic formula). After fixing those issues, he was still fussy (tho not As bad) and th doctor told me he had colic. So maybe your babies belly is hurting for some reason, or maybe it's just good ol colic. Don't be afraid to call your doc or go in until they can give you an answer (I was here few times a week til they found what was wrong). Good luck! And if it's colic, remember nobody has died from crying!

Taren - posted on 11/20/2009




i found tht out the hard way... i clean her rlly well after feedings because one night i was just too tired and i cleaned her rlly quickly and missed a little and next thing i know she was so upset about something so i looked and then smelt something and a little formula waqs left on her neck and made it rlly raw and it bled a little bit... after i cleaned it and put medication to relieve it she fell asleep...

Anna - posted on 10/26/2009




No you are right, they don't know how to be 'fussy' until they are much older. I think it is just such a big shock being born and adjusting to a strange new world. I also think little babies always cry for a reason - you can't always understand why and it's not your fault so all you can do is hold them and walk with them and love them. It's ok to just hold them as much as possible - you can't spoil a baby by loving them.

Have you tried all these things to make sure nothing is bothering her: check under her neck where the skin can get raw and red, check for any nappy rash, wrapping her up tightly, adding/removing clothes in case she is too hot or cold, holding her upright to let gas out and prevent reflux, breastfeeding on demand?

Elizabeth - posted on 10/26/2009




My little one is easily upset too. I think it's partly that she is easily bored/frustrated (changing activities frequently works well). While it can be difficult, I figure that at least I never have to worry about her 'suffering in silence' - if she's not happy about something, she'll let us know!
Also, evening fussiness/colic is very common up until 3 months old in a lot of babies.
We got through it by discovering certain things that almost 're-set' our daughter when she'd wound herself up: going outside and/or turning on a noisy appliance (vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, clothes-dryer etc) worked really well.
I know that, myself, crying can be a *huge* tension-reliever, at least it is if someone is hugging me while I cry (nothing worse than no-one wanting to hug you while you cry!). I figure it must be the same for babies sometimes - so when my daughter is upset with no obvious cause, I hold her/sing to her and gently bounce/jiggle her. I read that light jigging has an soothing effect on babies because it releases endorphins (see 'baby colic' on wikipedia); it definitely helps our little one.
I guess it's not surprising that some babies fuss: just imagine how frustrating t would if you were surrounded by people you couldn't communicate with, whom you relied on for all your needs..

Brandy - posted on 10/26/2009




He could be gassy. Are you formula feeding or breastfeeding. Sometimes formula can make babies gassy and it could take trying a few different kinds to find one that works for him. You could try alcohol free gripe water. It's completely harmless and helps with tummy aches and gas for babies.

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