Gagging on thick and lumpy food ....

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My 11 month old still won't eat anything that's thick or lumpy as she gags on it (as she moves it around her mouth) then vomits - sometimes she's ok with it and sometimes she's not. How can I get her eating the sort of food that she should be by now and stop her gagging and being sick with it? I'm out of ideas now!


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Candice - posted on 07/08/2009




my friend's child still has that issue at 18 months. talk to your doctor about seeing an ocupational therapist. they are helping her son learn to chew properly and it's really helping.

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Maybe you could try letting her feed herself things like half a banana and chunks of boiled potato, !/4 of a pear, avocado perhaps that will encourage her to chew especially things that you know she likes. Don't leave her alone though in case she gets a little stuck in her throat.

Hope this helps

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