games to play with 5 month old

Kelly - posted on 11/09/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




does anyone know any good things to do with a five month old. i just have total mind block. i dont know what to do to stimulate him other than reading and playing, tell me something your baby liked/likes to do that they dont have in the books.


Jessica - posted on 11/11/2009




* I showed my son pictures in photo album, pointed to the people or objects in pics, and told him names.

* Danced with him(as I do now with daughter) in my arms and sing to the music.

* Talk to them about whatever was on my mind--They are good listeners, lol.

* Watch tv with them

* Take them out for walks

* Turn on my blacklight or disco light(Christmas tree lights work) ----My son watched the colors move, and I named them

* I sit with my daughter while I blow dry my hair and make bathroom curtain move with it ---She's 2 months and loves this for some reason

* Turn water on for a shower or bath and let them hear or feel it---not hot tho

* I used to let my son taste popsicles--- just very small bits of it at 2 weeks old & on

* Hold my daughter near a mirror and point out body parts as she's looking at herself

* Put different textures of fabric, balls, or fruit to their fingers

* I make faces as I talk to her to show different expressions. If she's upset, I make sounds with my mouth while I change her or bathe her---keeps her distracted

* I let my son & daughter watch the fish swim in our tank.

* I walk throughout house, show her different items of interest, and explain what they are/ how pretty or colorful, etc.


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Becca - posted on 11/13/2009




peek a boo is a gtreat game.. and trying playing the share game.. have ur child reach for a toy from you and once he or she has reach out you hand and see if they give it back.

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