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My daughter is 2mo and has terrible gas that causes her to scream. I've tried mylicon and it hasn't helped. She is breastfed and i have yet to figure any specific foods that bother her, she screams no matter what i eat. The dr. said to just wait till she's over 3 mo. and her digestion should improve but i hate seeing her in pain. Any suggestions?


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check out this quick video exlpaining what Gripe Water is...

You should be able to get this at any drug store; just be sure to get a non-alcohol one. As I said, I only use this as a last resort with my son because I don't want to be reliant on it. The website listed above also provides alternatives for gripe water.

I also forgot to mention to stay away from dairy products as well, especially cow's milk. I've also posted a link to a Breast Milk Interactions Chart:

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if you eat any kind of dairy or vegetables you might want to slow down. i know for sure these two categories of food help your digestive system but they can cause your little one gas. another thing that may be making her gassy is the amount fiber in your diet. if you eat beans and/or red meat try to cut some of that out and replace it with something else. beans and red meat can cause gas in big people therefore this may be making your little people gassy as well.

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I'm having the same problem with my 2 month old son. He's breastfed as well and the only suggestions I can give is feed from one breast per, burp often, when you feed have her more in an upright position. Also, don't lie her down immediately after feeding, have her sitting/upright position for at least 30 minutes after the feeding. These things have helped but has not eliminated the gas for my son. They do say to stay away from beans, broccoli, onions etc from your diet as they may cause gas as well. I also use Gripe Water too but only as a last resort.

I hope these tips help. It's heart breaking to see them in so much pain!

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