Get off the bottle?

Cheyan - posted on 11/11/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 11 months old and I have heard that a child should be off the bottle by the time they are a year, any ideas if this is correct for transitioning to a sippy cup?


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Courtney - posted on 11/11/2009




I dont know, but I hear you should start on a tippy cup by one.. but honestly in my opinion... Not every child is as developmentally ready as the next. For example, my daughter is 11mos old, too. However, she had growth issues twice during my pregnancy and is just a lil bitty ole thing. She's not even really eating yet. We are just now trying to introduce the lil jars of gerber baby food. Do I think my lil bit is ready for a bottle at 11mos even though she's 11mos. NOPE. lol. It kinda just depends on your child really. Dont fret because trust me, they'll be dirtyin dishes before much longer.. tippies, plates, bowls before ya know it. lol.

Olivia - posted on 11/11/2009




My first daughter was off the bottle by 10 months i started sippy cups at about 5 months, i used the soft tips to get her started and so she new stuff came out of it i would take the stopper out of it let her c and then put it back in and it came to her easily but with my younges 8 mos she likes the sippy but doesnt really drink out of it good i would just keep offering her the sippy and try not to force it to much when she starts to get the hang of it then take the bottle away, my doctor said at about 18 mos is when they start to get attachted to pacifiers and bottle so any time b4 that is teh easiest time to wean if she still refuses then she will take herself off when shes readdy

Amanda - posted on 11/11/2009




Every baby is different... You don't "have" to have her off by the time she's a year old. My daughter is 14mo old, and she only gets a bottle shen she's napping or goin to sleep for the night. During the day, everything is in a sippie. I'm trying to wean her off the bottle completely, but she will let it go when she's ready. When my sister was little, I think she was around 2yrs old... Santa brought her a bunch of sippies for Christmas and took all her bottles to "Suzie" who needed them more than she did... it worked, she never needed another bottle. But, then again, she was old enough to know who Santa was, and understand the concept. Good luck. Try encouraging the sippie during the day, and limit the bottles.

Stormy - posted on 11/11/2009




I put my daughter on a sippy cup just about as soon as she could hold her bottle by her self. I got a sippy cup with handles on both sides, and she had no problem at all. I didn't want her to be two or three and still be on her bottle and I think it was eaiser. But every baby is differnt. Good luck :)

Carol - posted on 11/11/2009




you should get her started on a sippy cup, and if you want to go the extra mile, a regular drinking cup with your help. my baby is ten months old and she drinks out of cups with me, and sippy cups when she's just hanging out in her playpen.

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