getting baby out of my bed at night

Julie - posted on 10/23/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is 5 weeks and wont sleep in his own bed. i have tried everything i can think of including waiting for him to fall asleep then putting him down, putting an item of clothing i have been wearing with him,feeding him in his moeses basket and letting him cry but nothing seems to work. he sleeps on my chest at night but i am worried im going to roll over a crush him plus he is getting big now and soon i wont be able have him on me. any ideas please


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Lindsay - posted on 10/25/2009




we started our son in his crib from day one and it took about a wk but he finally would sleep in it. It seemed he would sleep anywhere but there and so his dad and I took turns at night rocking him and then putting him back down or even sleeping on the floor so he knew we were close. After the wk was up he didn't need any of that anymore the only thing we did do was get a sound machine and played soft waves for him. He is now 6 months and he sleeps in his bed anytime you put him in it and has for a long time. Good luck with it, it can be hard but be strong it will happen.

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Hi.My daughter just turned 4 weeks & we just started putting her in her crib over night. She has done great for the last 3 nights. But, before that every day we put her in her crib for 5 minutes every day & just let her look around & played the mobile. I would suggest doing this a few times a day for the next week & get him comfortable with his new surroundings. Then, I would try doing it overnight again. Also, are you using a sleep positioner? This is important b/c the crib is so big & they get overwhelmed in big spaces. Hope this helps.

Sharon - posted on 10/25/2009




The good thing about him being only 5 weeks is he;ll still be having lots of day sleeps. Start doing the same routine for all sleeps, wrap him up, put him in bed, rock him til he's quiet but not asleep then go out. Leave him a couple of minutes and go in and rock again if he;s still awake. You'll only have to do it a couple of times and he'll work out that going in your bed is over.

Worked for me!

Amber - posted on 10/23/2009




try wrapping him tight in a blanket.(swaddling). Just an idea. Hope u get him in his bed soon! We just got our 3 yr old out of our bed.

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