giving a pacifier...

Melody - posted on 11/16/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




is it okay to give a pacifier?...i want to try giving a pacifier to my 1 mo.old baby..because she's always looking for something to suck even she's full..if I give her milk she just spit it out...


Tiffany - posted on 11/18/2009




There is nothing wrong with giving a pacifier. I'd suggest giving an orthodontic one and making sure to ween them off of it by a good age(I don't know off hand the suggested age but probably about 1 or 2 because they can mess up teeth pretty badly). That being said, your daughter may not even take it. My son is always sucking but never really cared for a nook. Sometimes I can give it to him but at this point he has no idea how to even keep it in his mouth. Good Luck! :)

Angela - posted on 11/17/2009




i see nothing wrong with it. My daughter had one from birth and i weened it off her when she turned 1. She only ever had it to help her get to sleep, never during the day and I never had an issue with weening it from her

Jennifer - posted on 11/17/2009



21 daughter had one within a few days of birth. She would instantly calm down if she was upset. The only time she used it was when falling asleep. She is 6 months old now and started teething......she won`t go near one right now. I`m not sure if she will go back to wanting it, but so far she isn`t hooked !

Christen - posted on 11/17/2009




Yes pacis are just fine :) I'm assuming you are breastfeeding and that's why your asking... in which case as long as your daughter is well established into breastfeeding, and has no problem latching on, and staying latched on, she is unlikely to get nipple confused.

Josette - posted on 11/17/2009




I waited till my daughter was about a month old and I almost had to convince her to keep it in her I gave it to her for the same reason and she still chooses when she wants it or not. Which is what I prefer. But you have to be careful that she doesn't keep sucking on it without letting you know when she is getting hungry. Just keep an eye on the time.


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Mikayl - posted on 11/17/2009




YES!!! Actually A Pacifier help reduce SIDS( Sudden Infant Death Syndrom) It help the baby remember to breath. I would HIGHLY recommend using a Pacifier. The only thing with a Pacifier is that you will have to take it away when they are old enough. Around 1 1/2 years old. Good Luck!!!

Brittany - posted on 11/16/2009




There's nothing wrong with giving a paci as long as you ween her when the time is right. I hate seeing 3 and 4 year olds sucking on one because then it messes up their teeth and the way their adult teeth will grow in. I say give her one and then ween her when she's about a year to a year and a half. It's a lot better than giving her food every time she wants something to suck on. That will cause her to use food as a comfort not for just when she's hungry. Hope this helps!

Emily - posted on 11/16/2009




i think it is.

i gave my daughter one like 10mins after birth

she is not dependent on it at all

she will mostly only use it for a little while after feeding and when she gets sleepy.

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