has anyone been told their child has a heart murmer?

Karrie - posted on 07/06/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




im just freakin out a little bit and they told me its pretty common. and usually nothing to worry about but im still freaking


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Kirsten - posted on 07/11/2009




I have one and never ever had to worry about it. The doctor just listened to ,my hear carefully everytime i went to the doctor and that was it no restrictions nothin

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I had one when I was born, it healed itself by the time I was 8... I was told when our eldest was little that she had one at the time, I told the doctor I'd had one as a child, so he said oh okay then, you know it's nothing to worry about.

Karrie - posted on 07/08/2009




I have three children and two out of three had a heart murmur when they were born. I was also told it is common and nothing to worry about. But I was a young mother when my first was born so I freaked out as well. When she was still an infant she was getting check ups at least every 4-6 weeks. When she had her school physical she still had it but it was not as noticible. She is 11 now and it has healed completely. There has never been any side effects with either of my children. I have been worried all their lives about the "what if's" until I found out my daughters murmur had healed then I decided I was only making myself crazy with it. So my advice is, if your child is showing no signs it is a problem then between the check ups don't freak out about it. You will only make yourself sick with worry. But by all means make sure they check it every time you take your child to the Dr. Good luck and keep positive.

Julie - posted on 07/08/2009




My son had one when he was born. He had to go every 6 months until he was 1. Now he goes once a year. No restrictions on him playing, as long as they are healthy and have good color you should be fine. As they grow the hole gets smaller and smaller. I was exactly the same way you were, totally freaked out but you should have nothing to worry about. As long as you have it checked periodically and you get the okay from the doctor you should be all set

Tanya - posted on 07/08/2009




One of my twins does. She was 1 month old when we saw a heart doctor. Her mumur is called a Stills Mumur and is nothing to worry about.

Lynlee - posted on 07/07/2009




Both my husband and I had heart murmurs when we were babies. I never did anything about mine - never had to have extra check up or anything and I presume there are no problems now. My husband had to have a simple operation when he was 6 - they just stuck a thin tube into his arm and somehow did something to his heart. He had a couple of stitches and only stayed in hospital overnight and he hasnt had any problems since. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about what the implications of this are for your child.

Gemma - posted on 07/07/2009




yes my daughter has one they told me wen they do the check over b4 u leave hosp n shes has a heart scan n check up at hosp wen she was about six mnths n everythings fine they said it was jus a small hole in the wall of the heart n wasnt serious n is very common n sometime they can close up so i wouldnt panic even thou i did 2 wen they told me.x :)

Stacy - posted on 07/07/2009




My husband had one when he was a baby too. They checked him out on a regular basis all through childhood, and the last time he was at the doctor they couldn't hear it any more and told him it was closed. He's 33 now, and never had any troubles with it.

Mel - posted on 07/07/2009




no but my fiance is 25 and has one, it just means he supposed to (but doesnt anyway) get checked out by the docs regularly and that he is not to get too stressed out

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