Has anyone had a VBAC? I really want a vaginal birth but been pressured to do a c-section.

Tabitha - posted on 11/06/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My first child was 9 lbs and I didn't dialate or go in labor. After being induced and being in labor all day I could not dialate pass a six. I'm 33 wks with my second child and I'm being told I'm not a very good candidate because I wouldn't dialate with my first child.


Lisa - posted on 11/06/2009




I had a VBAC. My first was breech, that's why I had a c-section. I would ask your doc to keep an eye on your Bishop scores this time, because if you have good Bishop's you can likely go into labor. If you have a family history of not dialating ( your mom, grandmother, etc. didn't dialate ), then chances are that it is safer for you to have another c-section. I know no one wants to hear that, I surely didn't. the main goal is to have you and your baby come away from birth happy, healthy and with as little trauma to both of you as possible. Don't feel as if having a c-section again makes you less of a mom. One of my group doctors I saw at the end of my pregnancy said that having only had a c-section, I was just a "functional" mother. He was a nice guy, but excuse me...a c-section is just as uncomfortable as vaginal - and you're damn right I am a functional mother! ( And so are you!) We function....we care for our babies while our bodies are recovering from having been cut open. We clean, cook, run errands, do laundry, and get very little sleep while having to hold up our tummys b/c having had a c-section means we're loosing weight in an entirely different way and said tummy hangs over the stitches like a deflated balloon. we jump all of the same hurdles, and we do it with our added pain and discomfort. We don't just "function", we prevail! :) You are fabulous and I hope you can try for a VBAC b/c it is a wonderful experience to go through in your life and the recovery is easier. If you do end up with a C-section, know that you are strong and your baby will love you no matter how you deliver - because you are mommy, and mommy rocks!!

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I had a VBAC. My son had a big head, but I fully dilated and went into labor. My daughter was a VBAC. My doctor wanted to do a csection because it was easier. I opted for the VBAC anyway. You may not be a good candidate because after a csection there are a class of labor inducing drugs that doctors won't use (so if you won't go into labor it may be a problem). But worst case scenario you get a csection anyway. Try for a VBAC but be open to the possibility of a csection. It's not like they wouldn't let you have a csection if you choose VBAC. The VBAC was the best choice. I enjoyed to recovery from a vaginal delivery so much more. I actually felt good enough to really enjoy those first days with the baby. I wouldn't have been able to take care of my son for a while if I had had to recover from a csection. Totally worth trying for a VBAC. Don't let anyone pressure you.

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Hi Tabitha,

I had an emergency c-section with my first child because i wasn't dilating and my baby got distressed. Three years after i got pregnant and i wanted a vaginal delivery as they normally tell you that there is always a good percentage of you getting a normal delivery after a c-section so i spoke with my gp/midwife and consultant and got positive feedback,they all encouraged me to have a VD but for precaution i went to a hospital where the had all the necessary equipment to proceed with a c-section in case of any complications and it i went into labour,dilated well and had my second child just with the gas and air delivered normally,had a few stiches but recovered well after a month. It was an amazing experience,you will feel very proud of yourself if you opt for a normal delivery as you will get to know your own strenght. Please don't let people discourage you as every pregnancy is different so you might dilate normal with this one. I'm pregnant at the moment with my third and i'm positive i'm going to have a VD like my second one..

Take carexxxxxxxx

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i didn't do the VBAC, but i do have one of the top OBGYNs in Europe as a friend of the family. and this is what she told me: the safest way to deliver your baby is the one that your doctor feels most comfortable with. you put a lot of trust in your OB and if he/she doesn't feel comfortable with VBAC you need to do one of two things: do what your doctor tells you or find another doctor because you don't want to be in a situation where your doctor doesn't trust his/her skills and leave it up to chance that everything is going to be fine. Any labor (regardless of how normal or abnormal) may result in a C-section. it's not a science, it's not a proven method -- ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT ANY MOMENT. so if your OB doesn't feel comfortable letting you deliver vaginally, it means that he cannot guarantee the safety of you and the baby during labor, or rather he doesn't want to take the chance of letting you do it & something going wrong (it is a legal issue, b/c if something does go wrong during birth, you can file a law suit against him & the hospital, so they're covering their butts), but it means that he doesnt' feel comfortable with the odds of you not having complications and you can't really force him to let you labor -- it's just not a smart thing to do not for your sake, not for baby's sake. if you are adamant about vaginal birth, find another doctor who does feel comfortable or see if your doctor lets you go into labor & does an emergency C if you don't dilate again. good luck!


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Tabitha - posted on 11/06/2009




Thanks =)

All comments were helpful. I go the 17th to talk to my physician and have an exam, so hopefully with this pregnancy I will dilate.

One of the doctors did make a comment that I was not a "good" candidate but she says "wait and see."

Mainly I am being pressured by family members that think I should just do the c-section because that means I will deliver before Christmas. But, I don't think I will enjoy Christmas very much after having major surgery a week before, lol.

So, hopefully I get some uplifting news the 17th and I go in labor on my own =)

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