He's addicted to the swing!

Tami - posted on 08/25/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 11 week old sleeps the most soundly in his swing. We turn it off after he is soundly asleep, but we're afraid we're creating problems for ourselves down the road. He sleeps in a pack and play at night in our room (we hope to transition him to the crib at night in the next month or so)- but during the day he naps best in the swing.

During the day, I've put him in his crib, and pack and play for his naps and he'll sleep for only 30 minutes at a time. In the swing he'll sleep a couple of hours! Should we try to break him of this, or just be glad he's getting sleep? Fight it or go with it? Thanks for any and all suggestions!


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Terry - posted on 08/25/2009




Hi Tami,

My name is Terry and I have 2 boys. For 10 years I've run a daycare and have come across this situation plenty of times. I also have a website for families like Circle of Moms- I would love to post this question there as well and have you come and interact, post questions and articles if you like.


Anyways here is what I suggest...

As a parent of two boys and caregiver of many, remember you reap what you sew. If your infant is used to sleeping during vacuuming time, hard rock music, or the chattering of many. They tend to be hard sleepers and won't be bothered by much.

If your child is used to sleeping upright in the swing or in your room, where he can hear your breathing, then he will find these things comforting. But what happens when he becomes too big for the swing or is able to crawl out? What happens when he wants to hear your breathing and is able to navigate to your room? Take it from a Mom who has been there, when your son is old enough to walk, he will be visiting your bedroom. At first it will be cute, but eventually it will get old. So get started right away! Gradually wean him from napping in the swing or sleeping in your bedroom to his own room.

If you put the baby monitor receiver in his room he will be able to still hear you breathing but will sleep in his own bed. As he reaches his comfort zone, gradually reduce the volume on the monitor until he no longer needs it.

Courtney - posted on 08/25/2009




i think you should try to break him of it. my son used to only fall asleep in the swing too and we just stopped putting him in it for a couple of days. he wasn't too happy the first day but after that he'll just sleep anywhere we put him

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