HELP!! Can't find any reviews on daycares in Allentown Pa

Sarah - posted on 09/30/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 11 month old son will be starting a daycare 3 days a week soon. I am having a hard time picking one. I really hate the idea of just placing him in any daycare and I can't find any reviews online. I called a few places and I am going to see a few but I'd really love to hear opinions from Moms. Anyone have any recommendations for Allentown, PA? We are also a little strapped for cash so please don't suggest any of these places that are charging $210 a wk. Yikes!


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Celina - posted on 10/02/2009




I would take a tour of different daycare centers that interest you. Set up a checklist. Look for evidence of a safe environment. no obvious safety hazards such as electric cords, open sockets, broken equipment, toys with small parts cleaning supplies within childs reach. etc.etc. make sure they have a fire and disaster plan. safe child teacher ratios. I know here in California where i live its no more than four children under 2 per adult. So you may have to find out about your state. Next you should look for evidence of a healthy environment. Like sanitary diaper- changing process. consistent handwashing after diapering or before eating. proper food preparation and storage. Highly trained staff. regular sanitation of toys and sheets. The daycare my son goes to I have to take his sheets and blanket and bring it home the last day that he attend for the week for washing. So some of these things may or may not apply to you. Food allergies posted prominently. Staff has knowledge of infant nutritional needs. If you can think of more then add it to your checklist. Im just trying to give you some ideas. You should also look for evidence of a learning environment. Optimum amount of age appropriate toys, materials and equipment. Check for evidence that the staff's goal is to advance physical and intellectual competence. The staff's ability to explain how the curriculum promotes development of fine and gross motor skills and cognitive development(intellectual development). Look for evidence that the program supports social and emotional development as well.You need to make sure that the staff provides positive guidance and discipline. I think you should also come up with maybe one or two scenarios of certain things that you would like to know how would get handled and ask them. Its very time consuming and difficult when it comes to placing our children in the hands of a stranger so all i have to say is do your home work and good luck. I hope this helped a little.

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Oh, and make sure you meet the carer, see the setting (preferably observing other children and what they're up to, how they're looked after and if they're happy etc.). The most important thing is to trust your instincts though - if you have the slightest doubt that a place will be good for your child, even if you can't put your finger on why, you're probably right and should look for somewhere else.

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I'm in UK, so not really sure how the system works where you are.

Over here all childcare providers have to be registered and are inspected and regulated by a national body and we can access their reports online. Also, local councils are a great source of information on childcare. One of the most reliable ways to find out about childcare though is to ask other mums. Even if you don't have a school-age child, mums in the playground tend to be willing to recommend/condemn childcare providers they've had experience of, so if you're feeling brave you could approach some! Parent and toddler groups are another good way to contact other parents for recommendations, and health professionals who come into contact with children locally will probably have an idea of the reputations of childcare providers.

Good luck.

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