HELP! I have to do a long car trip and I need ideas to survive!

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My grandfather has just passed away and I have to travel 15 hours by car to attend his funeral. My daughter is two years old and my son is just 5 months old. I’m not too worried about my daughter she is fairly ‘crusiy’ but any suggestions on how to entertain her for long periods in the car would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions for my 5 month old would be wonderful. Thank you :)


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Jennifer - posted on 01/05/2010




Lots of toys, music, singing, sleeping. Stop for breaks if possible and let baby strech out and kick etc. Hopefully your daughter can provide some entertainment!

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Ladies, thankyou so much for your suggestions.

Lianne - Not the only adult - so that is a plus. My husband and I could even take turns sitting in the back.

Nikki - Got the DVD player today! Planning to burn some CD's with some nursery rhymes and fav. songs.

Iysha - Great tip about nappies. I will definetly do that.

Kristy - Good idea about sleep time. We've actually decided to some of the trip overnight so hopefully they will both sleep.

Thanks again. xxoo

Iysha - posted on 01/04/2010




I found that it helps to feed them right before you have everything packed and ready to go before they eat. that way you can go a long ways with the baby content. I went on a 4 hour trip with my then 5 1/2 month old and she slept the whole way there. Also, since they are in a car seat for a long time, Put heavy duty diaper cream on their bottems. I use stuff called RESINOL and it is sold at the pharmacy. A little goes a long's thick and really helps. Toys. A few pacifiers ( my daughter spits them out and if she's awake she starts to make sounds that can get pretty annoying and I get tired of stretching to reach to find her binky)so if I have a few up in front with me, I just get a new one and pop it in her mouth. lol.

Snacks would be good for the 2 year old....lots and lots of snacks. A portable DVD player works wonders. Coloring books. Music she likes.

Kristy - posted on 01/04/2010




Sorry about your grandfather. I travel from Ohio to Tenn. quite frequently and toys are a must. My oldest is 7 so he takes his DS. I don't know your situation but something else that I do is leave so that most of the travel is during their regular sleep time. With you having a 15 hour I'm sure they will sleep some anyway, but I usually leave out about midnight then stop for breakfast when they get up. As for the baby my lil ones are great when it comes to sleeping in the car, so i don't have any suggestions really. Hope you have a safe trip and little trouble out of the lil ones.

Nikki - posted on 01/04/2010




Im sorry about your grandfather, this might sound a little a slack but do you have a portable dvd player yu could put in the car, just to break up the time for her. If it is possible I would try and stop for regular meal breaks, let them have a little play to burn off some energy and hopefully the movement of the car will help them settle and possibly sleep :) I would also take heaps of different toys, books (unless they get car sick) and have these within reach for them to play with, if they like music you could also play some of their favourites, you may go slightly insaine from the wiggles on repeat, however it's possibly better than crying children. Good luck with it all

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wow rather u than me!! i hate getting in the car longer than 5 mins wiv my daughter lol.

i'd take lots of toys!!! drawing, books anything else they like! lots of snacks and drinks.

maybe sum nersery ryhmes 2 sing along 2.

will u b stopping at any point ??

r u the only adult in the car ??

sorry 2 hear about ur grandfather. x

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