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Jessica - posted on 11/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello all, I need help with a big concern of mine. I'm expecting my first child, due in just a couple weeks (Nov 25th). My husband is already talking about bringing her to family member's home, which is of course understandable. I'm concerened about his grandmother's home. She isn't capable of cleaning and has a lot of animals, therefore there is mold on some of the walls and the home smells of mildew plus animal urine/feces. I have asthma and I'm not sure if thats going to have any affect on my daughter. His grandmother isn't capable of traveling either so the only way to see her great grandchild is for us to come to her. My question is if it would be alright to bring my baby to her home and if so for how long and if not how can I say no to my husband and his grandmother so they understand and don't get their feelings hurt?


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Jennifer - posted on 11/06/2009




I agree. A newborn is way too sensitive to be in a situation like that. Maybe your husband could make another arrangement with his grandmother.

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I agree. I would not take my baby there. I think it is a good idea to pick up Grandma and spend time with her somewhere else.

Ashley - posted on 11/06/2009




No, I really don't think that house is safe, especially for a newborn. I think that you and your husband need to pick her up and go somewhere if she wants to see your baby. Is there a way for maybe a cleaning service to clean and sanitize her home? I bet if afew people chip in it wouldn't be very expensive. Mold in the house is very bad for your husband's grandmother, some can be deadly with too much exposure.

I wish you and your family much luck. I sort of know where you are; my mother in law smokes, and we found out she has been smoking in the house. So we will not bring our son to her house.

Good luck mama!

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