Help! What to do with a jumpy dog?

Carry - posted on 11/15/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I are expecting any day now and we have a small-ish Jack Russell mixed dog that jumps all over everything and everybody. The dog playfully "attacks" our cat, but sometimes he gets a little too aggressive to be playful. I've tried training the dog not to be so aggressive with the cat but with no success (maybe because I think that romping/playing is good for both the animals, so I still let them play). I'm worried that the dog will get too aggressive with our son once he is crawling and walking. Any tips for training the dog to lay off within 6mo-1yr?


Toni - posted on 11/16/2009




when i was pregnant, I too was worried about our hyper dog, a boxer cross, who chases our cat and is very rambunctious. I didnt want to give her up, so i just trained her to sit and stay , and bascially made myself to be in her mind the dominant one, that what ever I say goes. when i was due, she still was crazy, and still is, but when we brought the baby home it was amzing.. she is totally funny around him, as if she knows hes a lil person. she keeps back, and is even protective a lil ( hes 6 mos now). we do have to tell her to sit and "off" when she gets too close, but shes fairly good. it might be different if your dog is a male, ours is female. hes not crawling yet, so that will be a new thing to watch, but just being able to have her listen and obey simple comands like sit, stay and off make me feel so much better abut it! goood luck mixing cute and cuddily!

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