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hi i am justina and i am a mother of just 1 an adorable babyboy named Jonathan Dean. i was just wondering hw everyone came up with their names for their children. why they picked the names wat the names were and the meanings behind them please.


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Traci - posted on 01/06/2010




My husband picked her first two, Reagan Alexandra. Reagan, because he liked the name and felt that she could be anyone with it (prep, smart girl, cheerleader, geek, whatever) and Alexandra in case she hated Reagan and wanted a normal name. He is also a big fan of Ronald Reagan, but, uh, we won't get into that here. If you ask him why she is named Reagan, he will tell you "Only because he's the best president ever." (I am genuinely afraid that if we have another girl he will name her Nancy. Thank goodness I get to pick next time.)

Her third name is Grace, which was actually supposed to be her first name. I was traveling for work in The Dalles, OR and was about 5 mos pregnant. I went to work that morning, and felt my pants get wet. I was having a massive bleed and had to be rushed to the hospital. We were sure we would lose the baby, and most of the day was spent with doctors saying, "I just don't know what is happening, but as of right now, everything looks okay, but you might still lose her at any time." As I was laying in the ER, in a brief lull from the flurry of doctors and nurses, I thought suddenly, "Her name is Grace. That's her name. Grace." That's NOT a name I would've ever picked, as I don't go for traditional at all. About that same time, as my husband was driving 95 mph to get to me, he thought the same thing, her name should be Grace.

That freaked him out too badly, he's not the kind that believes in any sort of Divine intervention. I thought it was Her telling us what she wanted to be called. Anyway, I forced the issue and made him put Reagan Alexandra Grace on her birth certificate.

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There's no meaning to her first name - we just liked it! For her middle name, she's named after a best friend of mine when I was young who died at 16.

[deleted account]

I'm a mother of just one as well; an amazing 2 month old boy. Just like Lyssa, my hubby and I fought over our son's name as well and finally agreed around the 6 month mark to name him Liam Philippe. My hubby is a francophone and wanted a bilingual name. I really liked Liam (part of my Irish ancestry) and so did he but he didn't feel it was bilingual. He really liked the name Louis Philippe; gak!! I REALLY hated that name; so we compromised and combined the 2 names while dropping Louis (thank goodness!!). Sorry to anyone who named their son Louis but it just isn't one of my favourite names. SORRY!!

Lyssa - posted on 01/05/2010




Hi my name's Lyssa and I am also a mother of just one, a beautiful baby boy named Alexander Lee. Actually we didn't have his name picked out until i was almost 7 months pregnant. We fought and fought, my fiance wanted to name him Remington Lee and I absolutely despised that name....no offense to anyone, just not for me.....I loved Alexander. There's really no meaning behind it at all. He finally just gave in. After Alex was born I found a paper from my 8th grade health class (9years ago). We had to take home "Baby Think It Overs" the baby dolls that cry and u have to take care of them over night for school, I had actually named my "Baby Think It Over" Alexander Lee. It was kind of weird.

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