his scalp started peeling in the bath...

Kara - posted on 02/17/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Today we washed his hair like usual with johnsons top to toe. but all of a sudden when we rinsed it out of his hair his skin started peeling around his forehead and on the front of hs scalp amongst his hair and even down as far as his eyebrows. He didnt seem to be in any pain. And i dont think its cradle cap cos it doesnt fit the descriptions. And he is 4 weeks old. Does anyone know what this might be?


Amy - posted on 02/17/2010




i used the same johnsons on my daughter and the samething happend but it was her cheeks they was red raw, i took her to the doctors and it was baby ezcema the doctor told me that i shouldnt used the johnson because even though its is for babies there skin it still to sensitive and gave me oilitum to use in her bath with in a couple of days is had cleared up my daughter is now 5months old and i still use it. i also use cradlecap shampoo because its alot kinder to her skin if any of the suds get on her face. since useing these i have had no problems with her skin at all


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Leanne - posted on 02/25/2010




I personally would never use Johnson products again. I got a heap given to me at my baby shower, but it always made my daughter come out in a rash. Now I just wash her in bath water and use a bit of QV cream when needed for any rashes. I use a bit of baby shampoo every now and then to give her hair a wash. She is only 8 months old so isnt really getting very dirty either.

Shelley - posted on 02/17/2010




We had the same with my son,and the health visitor said it was cradle cap, i had thought it wasn't as it is usually described as yellowy/greeny scales and he had just flakey skin, it seems they usually describe the worst case scenario?! If he is in no pain it's nothing to worry about, we just rubbed a little baby oil into hisforhead, though we left the eyebrows and top of head alone as thought they were a bit sensitive, the olive oil made it look worse but then it gently rubbed of, caused him no pain :) Though there is still a little in his hair and eyebrows you can't really tell and he is not bothered by it at all. I would double check with your health visitor first x

Michelle - posted on 02/17/2010




Hey girls..my thoughts are to not use johnsons products as they are very irritating to sensitive skin. They contain sodium laureth sulphate which is a nasty ingredient and can cause allergic reactions. Its also a very big irritant for those that suffer with eczema like myself and my daughter. It makes me itch and my skin goes red. Same with Brianna. The stuff that your using amy is brill, thats what I use now. Since my daughter was a couple days old I went and bought the oilatum junior shampoo, pretty expensive but does the treat! If you can get the doc to give it you then do so...they do a range of oilatum junior products such as bubble bath and body lotions.

Margaret - posted on 02/17/2010




You say your baby is now 4 weeks old, you do not say whether the skin beneath it is red, sore, or looks red and angry.

If the skin is red, it could be just that the skin is old and is flaking off, if it looks red and angry, it could be that the baby could be allergic to the product, -it can take a while for the skin to react which leads me on to my next thought, did you put the product directly onto the skin straight from the bottle, as it may be too strong for the baby's skin.

Do not use the product for a couple of days, and then try a weak solution diluted with water and keep an eye on your baby's scalp.

No matter what else you do, call your practise nurse, or health visitor, if it is anything serious, you need to seek advice

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