How do i get my 10 month old son out of my bed and into his cot?

Teisha - posted on 12/15/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 10 months old n sleeps with me cause he wont sleep in his cot through the night.


Crystal - posted on 12/16/2009




It depends on how you want to approach it, I am dead against the cry it out way but it's an option. In my opinion, it should be done in stages.. he needs to see his cot as a comforting place..

Perhaps start by getting him comfortable around the cot, if he is ok with being near it then put him in and play with him a little.. get him comfortable with being in there..

If that works ok then try and get him to nap in there during the day maybe.. pull out all the stops like dummy (if you use one - I used this to get my LO in her cot and it worked well) music, patting, shhiing whatever works..

If he cries then take him out and when he is calm put him back down... do it til he goes to sleep, you may have to take him out a hundred times the first few times but with little ones it's all about consistency. I ended up getting a sleep consultant to help me with my little one.. which worked wonders, not that she had any miracle cure, but she gave me the confidence I needed.

Being 10 months it is going to be quite a challenge for you.. don't pull him out when he is grizzling, wait til it is a point where you are uncomfortable with the cry and go in..

I hope you get some further advice too, good luck!

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