how do i get my 4 month old to sleep in his cot all nite?

Areeba - posted on 12/25/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




my son wont sleep in his cot all nite. whn i put him to bed at 10pm he sleeps in his cot but when he wakes up for feed he wont sleep back in his cot. i breastfeed him at nite. i hav also noticed that he wakes up atlest 3 times for a feed now. is it cuz he is sleeping in his cot or as he is growing his apetite is also increasing? i have put my top near him so he has my smell near him but its not working yet. in his moses basket he only used to wake up at 3am only once for a feed but for the past 2weeks ever since i put him in his cot he wakes up 3 times. i get very tired n feel as if i dnt hav any energy left. please giv me some advise.


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Sammy - posted on 12/26/2009




My 5 1/2 month old daughter wakes up 2-4 times a night for a feed, I am breastfeeding ...I also co-sleep and LOVE it! I have never been tired!
However, if you are a deep sleeper, have taken any kind of medication/drugs that can make you drowsy, or if you are over tired it's best not to co-sleep =)

Lise - posted on 12/26/2009




Agree with previous posters. LOVE co-sleeping! Once he realizes how safe and comfy he feels with you, he may not want to be alone.

Also, 3 mo is a big growth spurt - expect him to eat more for a little bit.

Caren - posted on 12/26/2009




This may be a little outside your question but it might help. When my son was that small we swaddled him and it really helped him go to sleep on his on in his crib. I found that if I tried to leave him unswaddled he would wake himself up several times a night with his startle reflex. Give it a try and see what you think. Good luck!

ps. No judgement here but I am not a fan of co-sleeping. Lots of studies to show that it can be dangerous to your little, I could never get any sleep with my DS in the bed with me...even the few times I tried to leave him in with me after a feed.

Falon - posted on 12/25/2009




co-sleeping is the best. I breast feed my son who is now 4.5 months and he normaly sleeps 7-9 hours. I tried to put him in his own crib for about a week and i found he was getting up 2 times a night to feed. So i decided to go back to co-sleeping. Try it, it is the best way when your breastfeeding

Jackie - posted on 12/25/2009




Co-sleep! You are nursing it is the best thing for the nursing and for your own sleep and sanity. You can just roll over.. offer the breast and fall right back to sleep while the baby does his thing. I highly recommend it because I was never tired with my babys and never lost a night of sleep except when someone is up all night ill.

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