how do ye get them to sleep all thro the nite lol


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Kay - posted on 03/31/2009




yea i did the same as ^^^

my daughter only ever went in her 'bed' at bed time..
and routine is good,dont expect too much too soon as all babiees are different.
my daughter slept through the night from 5weeks old..
and she used to go to bed between 7 and 9 and not wake up till 9,10 sometimes 11 the next day!
now she ALWAYS no's she has her bath around half 6/7 ((no later)) then bottle then jus knocks her right out..!
she's 8months now so routine defo helped out alot..
the other thing is try not to stress yourself out too much about it,it will happen..! lol
and try not to let ur baby sleep too late in the afternoon..
i made that mistake the other day!
my daughter usually has a nap around 10/11am then 2/3pm but i let her sleep at 5 and she didnt go to bed till bout 9..! propa nightmare!
anyway..goin on a bit..! good luck..xx

Bianca - posted on 03/29/2009




my baby girl is 9 weeks old and has been sleeping all night for about 2 weeks i just made sure she knew the difference between night and day for example when she has a nap during the day i will let her sleep in her swing and i make sure the room stays somewhat light i only put her in her bassinet at night when its sleep time. it seems to work she sleeps from about 11pm till around 8 am most nights. hopes this helps

[deleted account]

my son sleep in our room so we generally have to go to bed when he does, i feed him give hima bath and then swaddle him in the wrap give him a dummy and put him in his cot, he likes to sleep on his tummy and i stay with him till hes either nearly asleep or asleep usually takes around 10 mins it depends what time i put him to bed but generally he sleeps for 6 hours straight now and hes 2months old.

Amanda - posted on 03/29/2009




With Lorelai routine helped a lot. I feed her a little more at night than during the day also.  We go to her room around 9 once I get my three year old settled and I dress her and change her diaper before I give her the bottle(They sleep better if there ready for a long sleep diaper clothes etc...) than I turn her music on and feed her and then I rock her till she falls asleep and she sleeps from like 10 or 10:30 usually till about 4 or 4:30.  She usually does this every night.  Definetly find a routine that works.  Giving my daughter a bath a night would just wake her up some kids it does and some it puts them to sleep so if it wakes the baby up try giving it to them in the morning and keeping them awake as much as ya can during the day espeically evening.  I hope this helps.

T_cjones108 - posted on 03/29/2009




i found "rutine" helps! this is what i do, i feed my boy his dinner then he goes for a bath or shower then i give him a message. i sing or read him a story. then i swaddle him put him in his crib turn the mobile on kiss him tell him i love him. then i leave the room! i hope this helps! i boy sleeps very very well at night :D good luck :)

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