how do you avoid that dreaded food allergy/ies?

Michelle - posted on 06/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I fed Gabe (4 months plus) just a teensy weensy bit (like a fingernail's worth) of chocolate icecream cake (Haagen Daz, if anyone wants details) and in like 2 minutes, he broke out into red blotches all over his mouth and cheek areas. The next thing I knew, his upper lip swelled up like a cooked sausage (ok cocktail sausage since he's still a baby) and the blotches had spread to his eyelids! Thankfully it all subsided within an hour and he was back to his happy hungry self. My question is, how do I slowly ease him into the world of foods that we adults enjoy without the grief of having him look like an alien? And how do I know for sure what he can and cannot take? I certainly don't want to risk him going into an anaphylactic shock just because I fed him a harmless, innocuous piece of pumpkin! He's fully breast-fed and to date, both my husband and I are not allergic to anything; could be a genetic thing, no? ;) Would be great if anyone would share their experiences on this! Thanks in advance!


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Debra - posted on 07/23/2009




Not only do you have to worry food allergies but also the harsh chemicals in your home that you don't realize could be a reason for some of the problems. I work with a company that makes a difference in our world. The products are so much safer, better, and healthier because they use all natural ingredients in their products compared to the products from the grocery store. You would be surprised to learn how many toxic ingredients you can find in home and personal care products. We have a children's line of shampoos, lotions, vitamin, and soaps. We also have sunscreen that I am confident enough to put on my 8 month old. She has never broken out or gotten a rash with any of the products I use for my children. In fact, their allergies and asthma attack have reduced dramatically since I started using the products. This is someone I am proud of and enjoy working with from home. We have a team to help, train and guide you to success either as a preferred customer or as a business partner. We are the Team, the team that cares about you. For more info contact (Debra Mendoza,,)

Jamie - posted on 06/20/2009




you can slowly introduce foods that are less likely to cause allergic reactions, allowing them to get used to solids while their digestive systems are still developing. I am also nursing my son and used this site to find info on getting started with solids (I did make my own baby food in the beginning but now use the site for tips on finger foods and the best time/methods for introducing things):

Tracy - posted on 06/20/2009




Hi there, Is there nuts in this ice cream?? sounds like a nut allergy??? my husband cousin is very allergic to nuts, and has the same symptons. If not it could be a milk allergy. you can have tests but not sure how young they do them. Good luck.

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