how do you deal with the terrible 2 stage


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Laura (grace) - posted on 07/24/2009




thanks to yall all i am going to try everything he is not that bad now but i know it will get worse i just want to kind of get him on it now

Sarah - posted on 07/24/2009




i have worked in a daycare for many years and in a toddler room . for if a child is throweing a fit we put them in a safe place. like on a mat away from other chidren untill there finshed. if they get up while there still trowing the fit we put them back. we tell them you may come see me when your done. for some kids it take 2 min for other it takes more. we just need to be sure that when they are done we comfort them with a hug or kind words. if the child is old enough to talk we may try to talk about it but at there level .

Kirsty - posted on 07/24/2009




when my daughter throws a tantrum i pick her up sit her on a chair facing the wall until she calms down then i explain she musnt do it and recently not so many tantrums.

Christina - posted on 07/24/2009




When my son throws a fit he must immediately go to the step, kind of like time out but there is no time limit, he just has to calm down. But he is three and a half. Before that I would walk away from him (as long as he was not hurting himself). My brother does the same thing that they are doing, and it drives me crazy. But it does sometimes work. I just suggest you give yourself some peace and walk away. The less attention he gets for the temper tantrum the better. MORE importantly, if you think 2 is bad, wait until 3! I wish my son was 2, I'll take 2 over 3 any day!

[deleted account]

I have heard that completely ignoring them is one way to go about it. And I think getting down on the floor with them and doing the same thing works better. At least with my daughter. She just looks at me like I am crazy and it usually stops really quickly. Of course I look like an idiot for a minute or two, but that's ok. Those are the two things I have heard from numerous people that work the best. If you pay attention to it and tell them to stop, it usually just gets them more worked up and want to scream longer! Good Luck hun. I know what you are going through. My daughter will be 25 months on Sat.

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