how do you travel with bottled milk?

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my family are taking a trip soon. we just finished breastfeeding (he was losing interest) and it's about time to start whole milk and i was wondering how to travel with it. how do you keep milk from spoiling, and how do you warm it up when you are way up there in the sky?


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Sarah - posted on 12/03/2009




you can ring airline and ask if they can store it in fridge on flight and ask for hot water to heat bottle but planes are really warm baby mite enjoy cool milk instead i really hope this helps you

Hanna - posted on 12/03/2009




how long are you flying for? if it's a few hrs, then take something other than milk & buy fresh when you get there. we flew to NYC from Charlotte about 2 months ago, i just took fruit purees & put 2 icepacks in the thermal food container (we got one from Medalla breast pump & icepacks were part of the Enfamil gift package for newborns, we got one from the hospital). worked great for us. alternatively, pack the milk, but make sure youre son drinks it within the first 2-3 hrs (I gave my son a bottle during take-off and he fell asleep & slept through the entire flight). good luck!

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