How much sleep is normal for a 2 month old baby?

Michelle - posted on 11/04/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 months old and is pretty much awake all day. Whenever I try to feed her she nods off so I'll lay her down. Then 10 minutes later she's wide awake again. Does anyone else out there have similar problems??


Paula - posted on 11/04/2009




"normal"? what is normal? It all depends on the baby. My daughter is almost three months old and it seems like all she does is sleep. She sleeps (well up until she got her shots that is)all night from 7-10 until 5:30-9. She stays awake for an hour or two then goes back to sleep until 11-1:00 p.m. She'll stay awake for a few hours with maybe a few cat naps here and there then she'll nap a good nap for a while, wake up for a little while, nap, wake up, got to bed. Sometimes she has a good long nap in the afternoon, too but not always. But if she doesn't feel good, she sleeps more. If she has a really busy and over whelming day, she sleeps more the next day (the day before Halloween was like that for her). Apparently after she gets shots she sleeps alot for a few days lol. It doesn't take much to exhaust the poor little princess!


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Michelle - posted on 11/05/2009




Thanks everyone for all your input. It makes me feel a little better. I know every baby's different, so it's goodto hear from your experiences.

Emma - posted on 11/04/2009




My son started his power napping around the 2 mo age. I talked to the doc and an "average" sleep for a baby is around 15-17 hours. However that doesn't always apply. As long as the baby is not cranky you are alright, not everyone follows the "norm" for sleep.

Jessica - posted on 11/04/2009




for a 2 month old they should be sleeping between 5-6 hours in the day which is normally broken into 3-4 sleeps in a 24 hour period they should have had 15-17 hours sleep hope this helps. try and keep your daughter awake a bit longer in the morning after her first bottle then try and put her down 2 hours before her next feed that way shes not too tired to drink her feed. hope this helps!

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