How often for #2?

Desireew - posted on 06/16/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son is 6 weeks old and can go 2 days without moving his bowels. He passes gas though! I'm breastfeeding and he gets formula bottle before bed. How often is normal??


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Amber - posted on 06/17/2009




You should get a Probiotic powder to mix with his formula bottle. I just bought some for my daughter and it has done wonders. However, I'm using much less than what they recommend (they say 1/2 teaspoon & I'm having to use 1/8 of a Tsp, because her stool was watery).

Make sure you get one for infants! I tried to find the Natren Start, but my Health Store didn't carry it. I got Udo's Choice Probiotic Blends: Infant's Blend. It's a powder you keep in the frig (these are better) and you just mix it with cereal or their formula. Sam has had problems with her stools, which is why the pediatrician recommend that I go ahead and give her apple juice. I'm hoping this will help, so the apple juice isn't a must.

Natasha - posted on 06/17/2009




i breastfeed as well and in the the first few weeks it was a couple times a day. now that she is 5 months its more like 5-8 days

Simone - posted on 06/17/2009




i got told from my health nurse anywhere up to 10 days is ok as long as there tummys are soft but if there tummy is had you need to see someone cos its not good

Ashley - posted on 06/16/2009




Usually that doesn't occur until they are a little older, but if you are concerned, call your son's pediatrician.

My son had multiple bowel movements daily until he was about ten weeks old.

If your son is hurting or his stool looks irregular, like "rabbit pellets" or too runny contact his doctor.

I did notice that soon after I started supplimenting my son with formula along with breastmilk that his bowel movements that may be the reason.

Mel - posted on 06/16/2009




1-3 days can be normal for formula fed. they cant go more then 5-6 days max but breast fed babies can go once a fortnight. as long as he is not straining and his stools are not firm and there is no blood then its ok

Sabrina - posted on 06/16/2009




With breastmilk babies, they can go anywhere from once a day all the way to once a week. The breastmilk is harder for them to break down into poops.....As long as he is pooping at least once a week and it is not hard or pebble-like, then all is good. And, it will be pretty soft, since he is breastfed, as long as it is not runnier than the consistency of peanut butter, all is well.

Hope this helps!!

Jen - posted on 06/16/2009




With formula it's still normal for once every three days, as long as big poops aren't hard. If when he does go if it's soft, I wouldn't worry.

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