how to get my 8 month little girl to sleep through the night


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Jaime - posted on 07/27/2009




it really sucks, and you may have to buy your neighbors ear plugs and a six pack ( if you live in an apartment) but you have to let them cry. before six months they only cry when they need something. but some where around six months they figure out that when they cry, mommy appears! so they cry. if you are breastfeeding, have dad check on her if she's hysterical,but don't do that too much only in the beginning. the reason YOU don't want to go in is because she can smell mom, and thinks she is going to eat. that will make things much worse. just let her cry and listen to your ipod so it doesn't drive you crazy. she will be fine and before you know it she will go right to sleep. also before bed every night give her a bath with lavender night time baby bath, the smell will calm her and may make her sleepy. good luck and i'm sorry that there isn't an easier way....i remember those days, and i don't look forward to them with my son, due in october.

Sara - posted on 07/26/2009




My first son was waking up 2-3 times in the night until he was 10 MONTHS old! I was 7 months pregnant and very sleep deprived... I was referred to an infant sleep specialist from his pediatrician. Within 3 days he slept through the night. I took me quite a while to accept the advice before putting it into aciton, I was living with my in-laws- but quickly gained their support. The doctor said at bedtime, do your usual routine and kiss them good night, put them to bed and leave. It is VERY hard to say the least especially the first night. I was advised to let my son cry and to NOT enter his room even if he howls... Of course I would peek to make sure he was safe, but he cried very hard until he fell asleep. (The doctor said its very normal for 1hour- 3hours) He was tired the next day, but same thing next night, and by the third night he cried only 10 mins and a full 9 hours straight of sleep. He woke up smiling, he was a happier, a less fussy baby in the daytime. We were both rested and I only wished I would've done it months earlier! My second son is now 6months old and has slept through the night since month 1! What a blessing to not have to struggle through sleepless nights!

It's a very personal choice, but I would ( and have) recommended it to other mothers. The thing is: Your child will sleep through the night within 1 week, most likely less. Please gain the support of your partner, remember your child will not remember any of this the next day, and they will be healthier and happier getting the rest they need. I posted a note on my sons door saying PLEASE DO NOT PICK ME UP! I AM TRYING TO LEARN HOW TO PUT MYSELF TO SLEEP, I WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER IN THE MORNING... GOODNIGHT! LOVE, LANDYN

Gemma - posted on 07/26/2009




I was told by my doctor to stuff them with food before bed and if they wake up at night only give themm water.

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