How to let a 2mth old baby slp soundly in the night and how to ensure baby pass motion everyday


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Amber - posted on 06/11/2009




Routines are great...we started a routine with our son at about 2 months 2 weeks...three weeks later he now sleeps 10 hours a night and goes right to sleep at bed time. As for passing motion...all babies are different. My son would go 2-3 days without going, then would go the next two days in a row He has been that way since he was born and thats just how his system works. If your baby is straining when they poop and appear in pain or if you just think it has been too you dr.

Kym - posted on 06/11/2009




Hi the best way to get a baby to sleep at night is a routine. This is a must as they learn quickly and thrive on it. For me I gave my babies a bath then feed and then bed. If you can allow him/her to put themselves to sleep this will help. In regard to the passing of the motions it depends on what you are feeding either breast or bottle. If breast feeding and you are having issues then have a look at your diet as what you eat goes through your milk and can cause tummy upsets. If formula the babies can vary in poops. A baby need not pass a motion everyday!

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