How to lose the baby weight?

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When I had my daughter almost 11 months ago I weighed less then I do now. I have tried to change my diet I even exercise more but I just feel like I am gaining weight and it causeing me to become quite depressed and unattractive. I don't fit in my "fat girl" clothers and I have this gut that is just disgusting. Please Help!!!


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You hit the nail on the head. Everyone is different. I was thinner 2 weeks after having her then I am now. Not sure why considering I've been watching what I eat and I do exercise regularly. My mid-wife said "oh hunny as long as you breastfeed that weight will come off" boy was she wrong...I am still bf but my daughter is showing little interest in it these days which is great that she has pretty much weaned herself off. Thank you for you input.

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I am actually do have a babyfit account but never used it. I started doing Body For Life about a 3 weeks ago and it's great when my husbands on deployments or training but when he's home it's just easier to eat out or not eat as healthy. I really need to just stay more disciplined.

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Did you breast feed?because it helps contract your uterus and you lose some weight in the tummy area along with exercise and diet.Personally that's all I did,my son is now nine months old and Iwas back to my regular size in no time.H owever I understand that everyone's not the same so maybe you should commit to a regular exercise regime.

Jacqueline - posted on 11/05/2009




A great site to check out is They give you meal and exercise plans based on your goals and current weight. It helped me a LOT after I had my son and I will use it again after this baby makes her appearance (and I get energy again lol).

If you are breastfeeding at all there is a site from sparkpeople called and it's tailored more to BFing moms and such. Hope that helps!

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