How to patty train my child?

Pinkiesph - posted on 11/19/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




please help me how to patty train my 1 year and 5 months daughter..


Melanie - posted on 11/19/2009




I trained my daughter but she was a bit older. I used a sticker chart and it worked wonders! Each time she used the toilet she got to put up a sticker, no toilet-no sticker.

Sarah - posted on 11/19/2009




She is pretty young yet. Unless she is giving you a good indication that she is ready I would not start. Starting before she is ready will make the process longer and more frustrating.

Cleo - posted on 11/19/2009




Well I started training my daughter at the same age as yours and we started out by letting her go into the potty with us so she could see how we go to the potty. Lol we would say our "yays" when using the bathroom, flushing and washing our hands. Then we got her potty and introduced it to her and at first she did great but once I became pregnant she rebelled so we let it go for a while then just recently started trying again, a couple of months later and for the past couple of weeks she would run through her pullups so I decided after talking to one of my dear friends about how she potty trained her son and I took her from the pullups cold turkey. Yes the first two days were very messy but she hated the way being messy felt and started using the potty and in doing so we praise her and give her a prize of some sort. She still has an accident every now and then but she's come a very long way and is in her big girl underwear all day.


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