I have a 3 year old and a 6mths old and just found out I am expecting.

Brandy - posted on 11/12/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




should i onnly expect negative feed back from parents and family? thats what i have got so far.


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Sandy - posted on 11/12/2009




No, you should not. Based solely on the fact that you have a good age gap between your other two kids. I only wish mine could have been so. There is only a ten month gap between my 8 yo and my 7 yo twins. Come jan 8th, all three will be 8 yo. until march. Wan not planning it that way. I was 33 and thrilled. I did not get any negative feedback, only laughter and jokes. All children are a blessing. God doesn't make mistakes. And neither did you. Just prepare to be judged and stay strong. Hold your head high. My mother was thrilled and just giggly.:)

Marie - posted on 11/12/2009




No do what your heart tells you. I am in your same boat. I have a step son who is 4, a son who will be 2 next month and just found out I am expecting. My boyfriend of 3 years who is also my 2 year old's dad doesn't want me to have it, says he will leave me if I do. His family and my family want me to have it and are excited. I am sorry that they are not being very supportive and rude. There is no reason for that, things happen yes some bad some not. In this case it's not bad, maybe should have been more careful but that's no one's fault or decision and shouldn't look down on you or be negative about it, just mean that there is going to be another addition to the family and God did it for a reason. Keep your chin up, they can talk and think whatever, they will get over it just might take time for some. Think about it by the time u have this baby your youngest will be a year and almost a half it's not that bad. Hope I gave some what good advise I am here to talk. KEEP YOU HEAD HELD HIGH THINGS WILL GET BETTER!

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