I'm a new Mom with a 4 month baby boy who has acid reflux. He is on Previcid 2x daily and 2cc of Mylanta before each feed. He eats well at the beginning of feed but then cries and arches and has trouble taking more then 100cc per feed when he needs to eat 120cc per feeding to keep gaining weight. He doesn't always throw up but keep him elevated upright for 20 minutes after he eats...all being monitored by the peditrician. Any suggestions on how to help him eat more? Using Born Free bottles and #2 nipples, any suggestions on faster flow nipples that would work with Born Free bottles?


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Jessica - posted on 06/18/2009




My son also has reflux and I use the playtex ventair bottles they seem to help a little but the older they get the better it will get.My son will just be playing and his face will get really red and he will lose his breath it's really scary. He is on Enfamil gentlease lipil and he also takes ranitidine 2x daily.

Ashley - posted on 06/18/2009




my son also has acid reflux and he was always spitting up:( so i was always trying new formula, just the other day i was looking at the formula and i found enfamil a r lipil it's for babies who spit up frequently. i was using similac alimentum. and he hasn't spit up since i gave him this new stuff:) and i am also using the Dr. Browns bottles and that has helped too i think:)

Angie - posted on 06/18/2009




My son is also 4 months (well on the 26th he will be) and has acid reflux with major gas pains. His pediatrican has switched him to a protein free formula to slow down the spitting up. He would spit up at least as much as he was taking in, if not more. It has helped so much!!! He currently is on Similac Alimentum. It is a lot thinner than your regular formula, so the pediatrican is having us mix cereal with it (8 tsp cereal/ 6 oz of formula). For meds, we have tried Zantac and Prevacid. Neither one worked for him, so now he is on Prilosec. I use the Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles for him. I have tried the drop ins, but he didn't care for them. VentAire also makes a wide mouth of your baby won't take the regular size nipple. We also have some Dr. Brown's bottles with are good, but takes a lot of extra time. I don't see much difference with the gas pains, but with the spitting up there has been a huge difference (for the better). Good Luck, and keep us posted on too what works with you!

Christina - posted on 06/17/2009




I used drop ins with a slow flow nipple. Our baby had terrible reflux and colic for almost a year and was on ranitadine and still take it. We also changed formula to a hypoalergenic formula which helped out alot with the discomfort. If you can't afford hypoallergenic, I have heard carnation good start is the most gentle for upset tummies. He had terrible projectile vomiting until we started taking him to a chiropractor. I was hesitant with taking him to a chiropractor at first but I found one that specialized in infants. He changed after the first apointment. He quit projectile vomiting and seemed to not writhe in pain everytime he ate. He slowly didn't need the medicine anymore but I'm sure if I wouldn't have taken him to the chiropractor we would still be cleaning up puke every 10 minutes. (no exageration) Hang in there it gets better. Try the chiropractor.

Stephanie - posted on 06/17/2009




my daughter has acid reflux also and the doctor suggested feeding half the bottle and then waiting 30 mins and feeding the other half. This was not easy but since she was put on zantac and switch to the enfamil AR she has done much better.

Cynthia - posted on 06/11/2009




During the feed burp him when he arches. this is classic i'm full of gas get it out. so burp and then continue feeding. BURP, BURP, BURP! he will be gaining when he can get rid of the gas. the gas takes up room in his beely food would otherwise fill up. you'll also be able to get rid of the acid reflux pills too when you burp mid feed. I also burp my wee one as soon as he wakes up from his naps. he's a very happy baby with no gas issues. best wishes.

[deleted account]

What about changing his formula to a Hypo- Allergenic formula? This is good for babies who have reflux issues. We are currently using NAN H.A Gold by Nestle wich is suitable from birth and it is really really good!

Jeannie - posted on 06/10/2009




Thanks for the info and feedback. I've got the reflux wedge and have simethicone, which is Infacol or also GasX. I burp him after every 20cc, the Mylanta seems to have helped some and the Prevacid helps as well but the volicity of his gas on both ends is insane! It's just difficult to have him cry during his feeds and worry when he doesn't seem to take enough...he is gaining weight and he does eat but feeding time is sometimes tough. I've got a couple of positions that work, from both trail and error and from learning at the NICU, he was a premmie but I'm open to any info that comes my way. Thanks again for the info!

[deleted account]

We used Infacol with our baby which is designed to relieve wind, infant colic & griping pain. It's suitable to use from birth and it is sugar, alcohol & colourant free. When you use it, you must give it before every feed, not just on every other feed otherwise it will not be effective. Our Lactation consultant said that Infacol basically lines the stomach and therefore makes it easier for the milk to be received. Acid reflux is basically the acidic juices in the stomach reacting with the milk / formula and causing reflux & gas, so you need to line the stomach with something prior to feeding him. We used Infacol consistently for about a month with every single feed and it worked for our baby. We no longer need to give her anything.

We also had a reflux wedge in her crib, it is basically a wedge which elevates the baby's head & shoulders and assists in keeping the food down, making use of gravity and may assist the baby to sleep for longer if they keep more food down. After about a month on Infacol, we were also able to remove the wedge from our baby's crib and now our baby sleeps vertically without any issues.

Hope this helps!

Jackie - posted on 06/10/2009




Faster flow nipples aren't going to do anything but force more formula into an already upset tummy. Have you tried playtex drop ins? With the drop ins you can remove all the air from the bottle. I would also stop more often to burp. At 4 months old he still can't get up most of his own burps. Arching is a clear sign of a burp so you should pay attention to when it usually starts and burp him before the arching even starts so its not so painful for him and he doesn't cry taking in more air. Also have you concidered an allergy to milk? As the poster above stated switching to Soya formula can make a huge difference with gas and the tummy. I was lucky with my oldest her doctor noticed the cholic before any symptoms and had me switch formulas right away. Was the longest weekend of my life but after 3 days the formula was totally out of her system and the soya formula was doing the trick. Thank god for an observant doctor who saw the cholic before the crying started.

Do'Che - posted on 06/10/2009




i use playtex drop ins but my baby spits up, so i changed the formula and he is doing better, he is on sensitive milk but maybe soy milk is better

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