I think a cold is coming on

Amber - posted on 10/12/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I didn't want to ask other pregnant moms i feel more comfortable asking moms who have already been through the pregnant stage. My doctor said drink plenty of water, get lots of rest and take tylenol. I feel a cold is coming on and im 5 1/2 months pregnant, is there any safe med i can take. I have ran a slight fever and been coughing. I don't want to take anything that will hurt my little peanut


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Holly - posted on 10/12/2009




Anything tylenol based is safe. Benadryl is good too, and a few types of robatussin. You can go to webmd.com and look up any medications. It will tell you if they're safe to take while pregnant and if so if its safe throughout the whole pregnancy. If your temp gets to 101 I'd call your dr back IMMEDIATELY. Your body temp can not be over 101 when pregnant. Good luck and feel better fast!

Anna - posted on 10/12/2009




essential oils are great. Rub a little lavender oil on your temples. Pepperment oil on a tissue under your pillow helps clear your nose so you can get a better sleep. Also eucalyptus oil is good for colds. There are some to avoid in pregnancy though, like rosemary, as they are supposed to increase risk of bleeding & miscarriage.

Cori - posted on 10/12/2009




drink orange juice!! i got a cold when i was pregnant and drank seriously a gallon of orange juice and i was only sick for 2 days!! make sure you take your prenatal vitamins but there really isnt much beyond that and tylenol that you can take.. i know it sucks but its so worth it!! congrats on the little one!

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