im trying to help a friend w boy names .. she wants riley or carter for a boy


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Tawni - posted on 09/30/2009




My son's name is Lacoda Lee. My fiance and I already decided if we ever have another boy his name is either going to be Kyson Tanner or Rylan Cade! A lot of people I know have been having baby boys and these are the names they chose... Brayden Scott, Landon, Johnathan, William, Brock, Caydin, Carsen Michael, Oliver Jude, Tristan Myles, Christopher, Jesse Montgomery, Aiden, Joshua, Matthew, Malik, and Talan! Hope this was helpful and good luck finding a name for your friend!

Lisamarie - posted on 09/25/2009




Dunno if it's everyone's taste but my sons name is Tyler Jaiden! Gd Luck :)

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Family names..fathers fatherinlaws..uncles..cousins..anyone in the family they like or care about will be honored to have their name carried on.

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