inducing? :)

Jennifer - posted on 09/22/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




induced huh? lol I went to get my cervix thin so they could nduce me the next morning n it sent me nto labor. It happin so fasts i didnt get pain medicane....


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Chelsey - posted on 09/28/2009




I was induced because my daughter was a week late. They gave me a pill that is originally for high blood pressure but I guess it makes prenant women start contractions. I had three contraction and got the Epidural. Which was the best thing ever. I didn't have to have pitocin.

Chantelle - posted on 09/28/2009




Because my doctor was going on vaca i was induced. the induction itself was painless however minutes later i was already in pain, but nurses told me to go home and wait until the next day. 15 mins later i started having contractions 10 mins apart,then as we pulled into our driveway it hit me. it was only 30 mins and i was in full blown labor. Now at home with no doctors, no meds, and contractions 1 minutes apart, an ambulance had to be called to get me back to the hospital. When i arrived thay told me i hadnt dialated,not 1 cm! but i was still having contractions. So they stopped the induction (wich was the Most painfull thing i have ever been through) and we waited. Oh did we wait..and wait...still having my contractions. and doctor would not give me meds b/c they said it would slow dialation down even more.So i decided to have a c-section, which was the best decision. Then after my 8 pound 6 ounce daughter was born they told me my desicion for a c-section was a good one b/c i
wouldnt have been able to have her naturally anyways.
Would i ever be induced again?
No thank you!

Stephanie - posted on 09/28/2009




i got induced, my labour was 13 hours and went 10 hours before i got pain relieve!!

Shannon - posted on 09/27/2009




Nice! Sounds like your body was ready. Sure beats some of the crappy inductions I've seen where they are being induced for 3 days and failing so they get sent home to try it again a different day. I'm happy for you that it went so well and quick.

Kelli - posted on 09/24/2009




Ouch!! I was induced with my first child with pitocin , it wasn't so bad till they broke my water then there was so much pain , and pray for the epidural to come faster!

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