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I am breast feeding and having trouble getting baby to sleep. She doesnot like to be swaddled, patted or bathed.... She eats every couple hours, which is expected.. But she stays up all nite. I have tried aggrivating her in the day with all the things she hates in order to keep her awake. BUT she can sleep through them. She even slept through the Doctor taking blood from her foot!!! Any suggestions for what to try next?


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My son slept what seemed like all day when he was 3 weeks old. He was awake every 3 hours in the night to eat but there were those bad nights when he didn't go to sleep for hours and I was totally drained. Anyway my son wasn't to fond of the swaddle blankets either so I put him in a sleeper (no feet) so he could stretch out and get comfy and let him co-sleep. I had no more problems after that. I think he just wanted to be near me, some babies just want to be close to their moms. I know some people aren't comfortable with their baby sleeping with them but that is what worked for me, my son is going to be 11 weeks old on Thursday and he has been sleeping in his pack n play in our room since Friday. oh and I used the same routine as Sara other than cluster feeding. Hope this helped!

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My daughter had her days and night confused also. You actually don't want to keep them awake if they want to sleep because believe it or not, if they're too tired then they'll have trouble falling asleep. During the day I would keep everything as loud and bright as possible even while she was taking a nap. We did the same thing every evening (bath, lotion/massage, breastfeed, swaddle, sleep). Eventually she started sleeping longer and longer at night. Your baby may still need to wake up for night feeds because she's so young. Within the next couple weeks she should get switched around. If my daughter wakes up at night (even now) I still feed her and keep everything dark and quiet. I don't let her play, we just cuddle or rock and feed. She usually goes right back down. You can also try cluster feeding in the evening. Your daughter may be doing this on her own, but cluster feeding is where you offer the breast every hour starting around 6 or 7. My daughter naturally wanted to cluster feed from about 6-10. This helped her sleep a little longer before waking up for a night feed. Sorry I rambled...hope it helps!

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