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Sarah - posted on 03/28/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm due in May, and we're going to start interviewing potential nannies soon. This is my first and I'm not sure what to ask! Any suggestions out there from moms who have nannies or who are currently looking? Thanks!


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Michelle - posted on 04/02/2010




I am a qualified childcarer and have been a nanny in the past (last family was aug 09).

You need to ask:

1. Are you qualified, at what level?

2. Do you have a First Aid certification, especially in emergency child aid.

3. What experience have you had and do you have references. A good nanny should be able to show you at least 2 professional references.. and I would always ask for a character referernce too... follow up the written references with phonecalls to the people to make sure they are valid.

4. What is her favourite age of child to look after ( sort of a trick question, but you will find out whether they love you child's age range.. if not, dont bother with them).

5. Ask questions such as ; have you every been in an emergency situation with a child, if so what happened? What would you do if my baby started to cry, if she wont stop crying what will you do?

6. Are you registered with a nanny agency or with a voluntary childcare register...?

7. Ask her if she drives, is she insured to carry children in her car (sometimes its expected of the family to pay for this, as well as her petrol when she has the child in her car.

8. Is she insured as a nanny, depending on where you live this may not be required. it is not required where I live, but its up to you whether you would calss this as important. You could pay for insurance for her, something like £70 per year! For up to 3 million pounds worth of cover...

Loretta - posted on 04/02/2010




Hello! We have a 14 month old and starting using nanny when he was 3 months. It has worked out extremely well as long as you know what you are looking for and ask the right questions. You can find sample interview questions on but some that I would recommend:

-How long they have been a nanny

-Ages of children they nannied

-CPR/First Aid certified

-Willing/Not willing to care for a sick children

-What they would do in case of emergency

-Has flexible hours (based on what you are looking for)

-Strengths and Weaknesses

-Has a safe car

-Smoker/Non Smoker

-How they would comfort/discipline a child

-what kinds of activities they would do with your child as he/she grows

Good luck with your search!!! I hope these give you a starting point for your interviews.

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