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Had my baby girl 18days ago and my milk is not in properly yet. anyone have any suggestions? i am expressing and feeding her like crazy and hate not knowing how much she is getting if anything on my boobs. she is always hungry screaming.


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Just because she's crying doesn't mean she's starving. She may have a wet diaper, be cold/hot, scared or just want to comfort suck. Don't judge your supply on what you can pump because your baby is much more efficient at getting out the milk. The best way to increase and keep a supply up is to put baby to the breast whenever baby wants to suck. You will know that she's getting enough if she has plenty of wet diapers and is gaining weight. Here's a link that will help you figure out if your supply is actually low and what you can do to fix it:

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Quoting Billie:

oatmeal, dark beer, and plenty of water may help

I second this!  It can be hard to know if they are getting enough when you can't see how much they are eating.  A lot of times they actually are getting enough, it just seems like they aren't because they eat so often.  Breastmilk is so easily digested by newborns that sometimes they want to eat often and thats normal! Does she have enough wet diapers during the day?  Also you can check for weight gain, those two things will tell you fir sure if she is getting enough.  Is it possible she's crying for some other reason?  Good luck and hang in there, those first few weeks are the hardest but it gets easier!

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just continuously and properly let your child suck the milk and eventually it will just come out. based in my experience, i have nutritious soup during every meal to produce more and nutritious milk. soup which contain vegetables and some meat.

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All good suggestions... just want to add some. Make sure you are relaxing and not over exerting yourself and stop expressing instead feed her every time she cries... on demand! Remember new born nursed babies can get real gassy so burp well and between offering breasts. Also look at your own diet to make sure you aren't eating anything overly spicey, or gassy foods. Most likely she is upset because she is bringing in more milk for her growing body. This has nothing to really do with your production it is just what new borns do. It is not only normal I would actually be concerned if she wasn't feeding often every 1-2 hours. So nurse often, eat well, drink plenty and relax. The laundry will still be there when you and your girl master the art of nursing.

Donna - posted on 12/05/2009




so does rice. Just make sure your keeping your fluids up!!! If she is not putting on weight, I would see your doctor though.

Hazel - posted on 12/05/2009




Fenugreek helps loads too.

Is she gaining weight? Lots of wet nappies? Maybe she just has wind or something, are you sure she's hungry?

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