My 3 month old keeps waking up when his pacifier falls out! Any advice?


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Beth - posted on 08/19/2009




Well, I didn't give my baby a "dummy" until she started teething for just this reason. There are other ways to settle your baby without letting them keep the dummy through the night. You might want to try letting him fall asleep with it and then removing it from his mouth. If he wakes, stand next to his cott and pat him or put your hand on his belly and "rock" him. What they are looking for is for the soothing reflex to kick in and help them sleep. I nearly always rock my daughter (5 mo) to sleep and take the dummy. I stand or sit and pat her bottom in a consistant rhythm. This and the sucking puts her out. Good luck to you. I'm personally not into the "cry it out" method because on the fisrt year babies are looking to establish patterns of whether their needs will be met or not. They cry when they need. The dummy provides comfort so they are crying for comfort when it isn't there. Try to provide it differently. It may take some time but you'll avoid the stress of hearing him cry and also all the running back and forth to put the thing back in.

Lauri - posted on 08/19/2009




I had the same problem and I went on the internet and found a thing called the "binky buddy". The website is binkybuddyusa and they work wonderful. The only thing is I believe they can only work if you swaddle them. The website has a video to watch so you can make your decision. Hope this helps.

Jennifer - posted on 08/19/2009




I went through this and after 3 nights of no sleep, he cried and cried because I would not keep running and putting it in. He only cried actually about 15 minutes the first time and it got shorter and shorter but the first one is a doozey!

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My best advice is just let him cry it out, My oldest daughter is a pacifier baby and thats all she ever did so I just started letting her cry it out, she always falls asleep! My youngest is 2 months and she is the same way but she has a cleft lip and palate so it instantly falls out so we cant do much about it, plus she has to keep sucking on something... Well hope that helps!

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