My 5 month old seems to be throwing up/ spitting up 2-3 times and hour. Is this normal?


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Wendy - posted on 11/03/2009




I totally agree with Hannah. My son was put on that acid reflux meds as well. The Ped. said his vavle was under develeped and with that cause heartburn as well as over the top throwing up. Talk to your doctor about it it helped. I recently had to put my son back on it because he started getting worse again moving around more. He is now 7 months...(Baby Zantac) its a minty liquid, so not only does it help, it gives them fresh breath!

Hanna - posted on 11/02/2009




Um, it depends, at that age they get a bit more mobile so she gets a lot of tummy muscle crunches trying to roll over, be on her tummy, sit up by herself. however in your case, it's a bit much. i would talk to her doctor.

my son was put on acid reflux medication when he was 2 months old. we stopped using it at around 3.5 months but then i had to start giving it again on and off at around 5 months until he was 7 (once-twice a day as needed rather than 3 times daily every day) because once he started moving around & trying to sit up from laying down position, he started spitting up again.

also, she is 5 months, so technically she's ready for solids. adding a bit of cereal to her diet might help the food stay down. i'm not going to advocate to add it to the bottle b/c these days everyone is paranoid. but i'm going to tell you this: i did it with my son because he wouldn't eat it from a spoon (and at 4.5 months 35-40 oz of milk a day was no longer enough for my little crocodile so i had to start adding solids) because it tastes absolutely disgusting, you wouldn't eat that either. so i started giving him yellow veggies & fruits (sweet potato, squashes, apple/pear sauce) from a spoon which he ate no problem, and adding a bit of cereal to his bottle at night & in the morning. rice cereal got him constipated, so i did the oatmeal one & later on switched it to multi-grain one. good luck!

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