My baby has a cough, what can i give him?

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My 6 month old baby has a really bad chesty cough, and it has now lasted over a week. We've been to the doctors and apparently he's too young for the normal antibiotics that they give out for his diagnosis. I've tried calpol, tixylix and ibroprofen but this doesnt seem to be making any difference. He's not keeping down his milk very well and when he does he's then barely drank anything. Has anyone been through the same thing and what have you used?


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What i do with my son is put some vicks vapor rub on the bottom of his feet and then put some cotton socks on him, we do it before bed, and that helps the cough go away, we also use a warm mist vaporizer with the vicks drops, they make them for the machines, and that also helps with the cough and son has had RSV, bronchitius, and pneumonia....all before he was 6 months along with the breathing treatments and the steroids those were the things that worked best for us..... good luck....and if it doesn't start to get better in a few days call the doctors office and talk to them and see if there is anything that they can suggest to help your child....

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We used a humidifier and put a little eucalyptis (sp?) oil or vicks in the reservoir at the top, and it cleared her cough up in a few days. Just make sure to leave the door to the nursery open a crack otherwise it becomes a sauna in there :)

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I don't know that you can give him anything when he's that young. I have heard some moms say that holding their baby in a hot shower (just to get the steam, don't put him in the water) helps break up the congestion.

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Honestly sometimes you just have to ride these things out. Just give him lots of cuddles

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