My baby has terrible reflux. He spits up all the time. Is this normal and what can I do to stop it?


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After feeding your baby, keep them upright for AT LEAST 10 minutes! And when you are feeding them, try to keep them up a little more, than laying flat. Spitting up is totally normal for babies.

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Hi Nuraan,
This is an area that i have had quite a bit of experience with. Spit up is a normal experience with reflux babies.
If it were me, i would take your baby to the doctor as reflux can cause all sorts of problems depending on what type it is. You should check whether the spit up is curdly or smells like vomit because that definitely needs checking out.
Both my girls have reflux pretty much from birth and are on losec but there is other medication or alternative ways to help.
Things i do to help my girls are:
feed them upright if you can
keep them elevated 20 mins after a feed
put a wedge under their bed so they sleep a little elevated too
Reflux babies can fuss alot during feeding so, i wrap them to feed then burp them every 1/4 of the bottle

good luck, i hope you can get it sorted before it starts getting uncomfortable for your baby. (thats if it gets that way) fingers crossed it doesnt.

Nikaela - posted on 09/04/2009




my nefu and reflux and all my sister done that she found was really good was try not to lie the baby down when feeding, have them sitting up slightly. and yeah spitting up milk and that is normal

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