my baby is 7 month and is eating all our kind of food is it ok ???


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Courtney - posted on 09/07/2009




Most foods are okay for 7 mos old to eat, but avoid some foods that pose a choking hazard. IE. Hotdogs -- even cut up can be dangerous. Also, small foods like grapes or cherry tomatoes should be cut in half. Make sure all meat is cut up very small before giving them to baby. Also, foods that are common allergens like peanuts, shellfish and citrus should be avoided till he is a year-ish old because their immune system is still developing and therefore might develop a reaction.

Kathryn - posted on 09/07/2009




Hey yea its really good to be giving them food the whole family eats! the only thing u need to be careful of what additives you are using - eg stock cubes are so high in salt and not good for babies, tomato puree also has a lot of salt! Good luck

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The only thing to avoid is putting salt or sugar in your food as babies can't tolerate as much of it as adults. Also, you should avoid feeding him the things we had to avoid during pregnancy (such as unpasturised milk and mould ripened cheese i.e. brie/stilton etc.). Babies under 12 months shouldn't eat honey either as there is a risk of botulism. As long as you're sensible there's no problem!

Lorraine - posted on 09/07/2009




yes it's ok i was giving my son all the foods we use to eat at six months just mashed up plus i reckon they need more at this age because breast milk was not filling them up enuff .

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