my baby is sick.. feel helpless.

Toni - posted on 09/16/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 3.5 month old has bad vomiting and diherria for 5 days now. he was spitting up every other feed.. now its every feed. we tried pedialyte and he started throwing that up too. took him to a pediatrician today, who told us to keep trying to feed him small amounts more frequently, and to basically wait it out, if its not better in a few days to take him to emergency... it just makes me feel helpless..i want to make him better, it breaks my heart when hes hungry and eats then throws it all up. hes been on the same formula since birth, with never a problem, hes a fairly big guy, always a big eater... im trying to be paraniod and freak myself out about it... but im worried somethings wrong with him that no one is going to solve for me... im sure its just me being a new mommy and ive never had a sick child before.. its so hard!!!


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You are his first and best doctor because you are with your child all the time, the doctor is not. If my child was in that situation after 5 days, I would be demanding something be done or go to the hospital on my own(& found a new pediatrician). Ot is very easy for a baby to get dehydrated. -- I assume you delivered in a hospital and even if you didn't; call your local hospital and ask to speak with the mother/baby unit or post-delivery. Ask to speak with an RN and ask him or her what they think. - That is what I would do. believe they would tell you to bring them in. They can hydrate him with fluids and get the poop to slow down and the vomiting to stop! If he has a fever of more than 100.4, you need to go! Please let us know when he is feeling better. You will get through this. It is a terribly painful thing to see your child hurting and not feeling well. Unfortunately, they are kids and kids get sick. If we could be sick for them 10 fold, we would. Good Luck Toni!

Amber - posted on 09/16/2009




i can't say that i wouldn't be paranoid in your shoes. my baby is 9 months old and if she doesn't eat good for 2 days i am worried because that aint my baby. i would probably have taken my baby to the hospital after the 3rd day!! it is very serious if your baby get dehydrated. be very careful and keep a good eye for signs of things getting worse. good luck!!

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