My son is 9 months old and still can I get him to stop?

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At what age do you think it's appropriate to stop breast feeding and how do you eventually get your baby to stop?


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I breastfed my son who is now 9 until he was 13 months old. When he bit my boob i didnt give it back. lol. he never cried for it or anything. took right to the cup.

my 2 year old and 4 month old girls wouldnt even take the boob. wanted them to but they didnt take it at all.


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Minnie - posted on 11/09/2009




Gasp! STILL breastfeeding at nine months?

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months and then breastfeeding along with complementary foods for two years at a minimum.

I personally believe in child-led weaning, in which the child determines when he's ready to give up nursing. There's no other way that a mother can know that her child gained what he or she needed from the nursing relationship.

Thorougly enjoying nursing my one year old, hoping to have at least a couple more years.

SHERILL-ANN - posted on 11/09/2009




Thanks to everyone for their responses's greatly appreciated

Deanne - posted on 11/08/2009




My daughter is 9 months old as well. She eats a lot of table food and she just began drinking whole milk ( I was told she could by her doctor ) she loves the milk and loves the food, so for the most part, she only nurses before bed time and sometimes in the morning if shes starving and she can't wait until I make her breakfast.

Crystal - posted on 11/06/2009




the baby usually stops when the feel that they are ready to switch over to bottles. which you could also get a breast pump & freeze your breastmilk & your baby could drink it from a bottle. just dont try to wean him too early bc some people say that things like that can traumatize the baby

Ginger - posted on 11/06/2009




be sure u are ready to wean.. dont listen to those who pressure u into weaning.. I did once and regret it!!! I wish i would have followed my heart and kept going im now feeding my 5 month old and no one will stop me this time round!!

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do not stop it is the best food for your baby and I am sure that you want to provide your child the best...

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When you are both ready to! What's the rush? It sounds like you are feeling pressure from someone to stop. Be brave and keep doing it until your baby decides he's had enough.

Carol - posted on 11/05/2009




why do you want to stop? as aforementioned, it's best to wait until the year, when you can start them on whole milk. i personally don't plan on stopping anytime soon, and my daughter is 10 months old. i feel accomplished :D

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the right time to stop is when your baby eats mostly table food. then some transition to formula, others leave 2-3 feedings a day, that's what i do, my son is 8 months & the rest is table food or food we make for him. he is also eating yogurt every day to compensate for less milk. i don't want to give him formula, he used to get really constipated from it. he eats my milk from a bottle (well, i never actually had to ween him from breast as he never wanted to eat it to begin with, so from birth, i had to pump & give), but my friend just weened her baby (8 months) and that's what she did -- switched breast feedings to bottle feedings (pumped and gave) then switched to formula and stopped breastfeeding. your baby will need breast milk or formula until your son is 1 years of age, from there on out, you can transition to cow milk to get the calcium he needs. good luck!

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About a month before I returned to work , I stopped offering my daughter (about 11 months at the time) the breast for one feeding (lunchtime) and gave her a sippy cup (shich she had been using to drink water occasionally when we went out for dinner and saw us drinking) with whole milk, about 5 ounces. about 2 weeks later, I did the same, but for her dinner feeding. I have been able to continue to nurse for her morning & bedtime feedings.

Anna - posted on 11/05/2009




It's recommended to keep breastfeeding at least for the first year, ideally for longer. My son is almost one and still fully breastfeeding so I don't know how you stop. I'm hoping he will wean himself when he's ready. I think you just keep feeding him more solid food so gradually he will be getting most of his nutrition from that. Just offer him the breast less and less often. They are supposed to have milk for their first 2 years at least, so if you are going to stop breastfeeding, I think you are supposed to give them something else instead, such as cow's milk, fortified soymilk or formula.

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