My son won't eat his solids anymore

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My 8 month old has all of a sudden started refusing to eat anything you try to feed him. Now he will only eat what he can put in his mouth himself. He was always a good eater, loved food and still seems very interested but gets angry when you try to put food in his mouth. I've tried just letting him have the spoon and he does a pretty good job getting the food into his mouth but as soon as he relizes that food is on the spoon he doesn't want it anymore. Any advise anybody.


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Hanna - posted on 08/17/2009




if he wants to eat food himself, see if you can switch purees to small bites -- i.e. cheerios instead of baby rice cereal, small pieces of veggies instead of a puree, small pieces of meat instead of puree, berries that are soft, pieces of soft fruit, etc. that way he grab them as finger food. if it's just a stage, at least he'll eat during this time, and who knows, maybe he'll eat more grown-up food from here on out :). good luck!

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The main thing is - don't worry. He'll eat when he's hungry, I promise. It probably is just his teeth. Try some baby Orajel to relieve some of the pain. And remember, kids go through spells. My son is 11 months and some days he eats 2 of the big jars of baby food at one time, and some days, I do good to get just a few bites in him. And he likes to feed himself, too. Sometimes he's satisfied with helping me with the spoon, and sometimes he won't take a bite if my hand is on it. He's just learning to be independent. As long as he's getting something, and he's not losing weight, don't worry. It's completely normal.

Sabrina - posted on 08/17/2009




this is going to sound bad, but stop feeding him..................obveously not completely...................let him get hungary..........give him some soft foods then if he eats them it is probably his gums. a frozen bananna will help

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Don't worry! Your son is probably teething. My daughter did the same thing. They want food b/c they are hungry, but as soon as it hits the gums, they are in pain and spit it out. It should only last a few days or so. Anyway, he'll probably do this off and on for the next few months up to a year. I know...ugh!

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