My two year old was potty trained, but now that her baby sister is here shes gone backwards.

Jasvin - posted on 10/30/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




She won't gget on the potty anymore, now i'm changing two instead of one.


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Michelle - posted on 11/01/2009




Hi Jasvin...I fortunatley havent had this problem yet as my dd is 21 months and an only child, but I am a nursery nurse who has seen many children go through this. We call it 'withdrawing'. When a new baby comes into the family the older child feels he/she is being 'replaced' so they start acting like a baby again to get your attention. I had a little girl I used to look after and she was still in a nppy aged 4, because her mom felt sorry for her. She was getting ready to go to school so we had to do something....I had to explain to her mom that getting her on the toilet was the best thing for her and that her parents just needed to give her a bit of 'tough love'. We started out by wearing a nappy and going to the toilet the same time every day (when she came in in the morning, at snack time, before we went out to play, before lunch, before tea time and then before she went home). We then decided that after the first week we would try and get her out of her nappy and into big girl knickers. she refused at first but with some rewarding and perserverence from mom and us she was wearing them. We would so the same routine of taking her to the toilet and for the first week she was brill, but then her little brother 'moved' downstairs to the toddler room where she was and she just went backwards again as she saw him getting attention. So instead of putting her back in her nappy, we discussed with mom that we would leave her in her knickers and for mom to provide plently of clean clothes. She would sit on the floor and wee, just to get everytime she did that we took her to the toilet changed her clothes and sent her back to pay, with no talking. She soon got very bored with the whole changing clothes thing as she missed out on alot of games etc... lets just say shes a happy 6 year old at school just fine reports.

So I suggest with your little girl that you just explain to her theres not enough nappies for both of them, and that all the nappies are too small for her so she has to wear big girl knickers and go to the toilet. Reward her with what you like at the end of the day if she can manage to keep the nappy off. Take it a step at a time again and leave enogh time during the day to spend sometime with your older one dong things she likes (without baby,maybe when shes sleeping) and getting her back on the toilet again...also dont get mad at her when she does wet herself as she will just do it more because shes getting some kind of attention from you, Ignore the 'wrong behaviour' and reward the good! Hope you get her back on the toilet in no time! x

Jan - posted on 10/30/2009




Hi Jasvin, I had exactly the same problem with my daughter. She was 21 months when her sister arrived. All we could really do was keep reminding her that she was now a big sister & would have to teach the little one how to use a potty. It did work after a couple of months, just persevere. She also wanted a soother like her sister & would take her one, so when we took her to see santa we asked her to give it to him for the baby reindeer, which she did. Good luck. x

Andrea - posted on 10/30/2009




I hear you there... I had the same problem when we brought our daughter home.. My son was using the potty all the time n then it was back to double diapers.. What i am find that works for us is doing what is called the potty dance with some type of reward.. He has started using the potty more and more every day.. The other thing we did was sat him down and explained that he was no longer a baby n that he would get to go and do more things if he was going potty.. { with his daddy, like auction, store, ride in the tractors..} Hope this will help in some way...

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