need advice on how i can get baby to sleep in bassinet at night?

Kimberly - posted on 08/30/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




my husband and i are right now working on setting a routine. our little man is only 2 weeks old. he will sleep all day in his bassinet and hes perfectly content with that. but when it comes time for him and i to go to bed (or try i should say) we put him in the bassinet and he will not go to sleep at all. it has come to the point we switch every night and we sleep holding him in our arms on the couch. i know they say you cant spoil a newborn but i kinda feel we have. we have even tried to lay him down after he eats and that doesnt work. any advice on what we can do???


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Jelena - posted on 09/01/2009




My daughter didn't like a bassinet at all ! Guess there is something about it. In the first month she slept with us in bed and after two beside our bed in the small crib. Now she is four months and she is sleeping in her crib in her own room. Try to change bed ... it will work and fed him longer if you nursing. Good luck

Danielle - posted on 09/01/2009




it does take a few weeks for them to realise day/night.
i remember sitting in bed for an hour at a time while Niven thought it was play time inbetween sleeps for ages.
start with a night time routine. we bought some jumpsuits that where just for sleeping in so she would learn when she wears these its bed time.
Niven is still in our room so we get changed, have a quiet rock/cuddles for a while in the bedroom, have a feed then layed in bed, wrapped up/swaddled, and then she is patted/rocked to sleep in the bassinette.

if your bub does wake for ages between sleeps, cuddle him quietly until lhe is ready to go back to sleep then put him back in the bassinette and rock back to sleep.

i used to drive myself crazy trying to get niven to go back to sleep straight away when she wasn't ready, all it did was have her crying for an hour while i patted her trying to get her to nod off and i was getting stressed and she fell asleep the same time she would if i held her quietly for an hour then put her to bed, much nicer.

he will eventually work out what is going on, just don't try to force it, get a night time routine going and give it a few weeks (hard i know but no point stressing out )

User - posted on 09/01/2009




I'm unsure if you had stated this but maybe try and wrapping him up tightly in a blanket? my bub since birth will only sleep that way (and with a dummy too), so he can't flail about and mess up his sheets (he too sleeps in a bassinet). We found too that because it's white it was too "bright" for him and distracting so we put a little blanket over it (at the back of it) to make it not as bright for him and he liked that more I suppose?.

Brandy - posted on 08/31/2009




I know they tell you not too but I ended up having to lay JD on his belly to sleep. But the one thing he didn't like was to be swaddled. He did the first couple of days but after that no. If you are breastfeeding though they do say that the chances of SIDS goes down if you are laying them on there belly. He still won't sleep any other way but belly and he is 5 months old.

Sarah - posted on 08/30/2009




Funny how someone so small can have everyone jumping at the tiniest little sound. I would make sure he is not sleeping too much during the day. Sometimes babies can have their days and nights mixed up and just about the time you are ready to go to bed they are ready to have fun. Somethings I did with my kids when they were little was to swaddle them (my daughter liked it better with her arms out) and put on either a fan or a noise maker that played white noise (simular to a fan noise). You can find ones that play heartbeats and other things that help comfort little babies. I would rock my daughter until she was just about asleep or had just fallen asleep and then lay her down in her bed. One thing I did learn with my daughter who would cry if anyone else but mommy held her and wanted to be held almost 24/7 (Always wanted a mommy's girl until I realized that meant she wanted you ALL the time.) is that if she was fed, changed, burped, etc. It was OK to let her cry for a short time (5-10mins). If I was changing clothes and she wanted me to hold her and not hubby it was OK for her to cry and learn that I would get her when I could get there. They do get more and more into a routine as they get older also, so hang in there.

B - posted on 08/30/2009




Have you tried putting him in a bouncy seat or a car seat for a few hours during the night? Some babies like to feel cuddled and secure and the car seat or bouncy seat makes them feel like someone is cradling them. My nephew slept in his bouncy seat until he outgrew sister sat it in his bassinet to keep him up off the floor and at eye level with her. A swing could also work, although if you guys hold him while you are sleeping, it sounds like he prefers to be still. I was told by my doctors not to lay our baby on her stomach or on plushy blankets b/c it increases the risk of SIDS. Good luck! Oh and You definately can't spoil a baby...not at least until 6 months or so.

Sabrina - posted on 08/30/2009




i used to hold my daughter to sleep and i still do but she sleeps her crib(11monthold) she used to hate her crib and used to sleep in her swing cuz thats the only way she would 2 hours along with me...her mattress was really thin so ithought she might be uncomfortable so i folding up a soft blanket and made it more thick and soft and she slept perfectly after that :) she also slept on her tummy she liked it better

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