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To all you new moms out there like me! I was using Playtex drop-ins and my son is 4 months old now ! He was having really hard stools ( crying and what not every time he had a bowel movement!) Until I decided to test the amount of water that the drop-ins said was compared to a regular bottle. The drop-ins 5oz. of water was a regular bottle 4oz!!!! So in other words my sons bottles were an ounce short of water every time i mixed them!!!!!!!!!!! I feel horrible that i caused his suffering but at least i figured it out now!!!! he is now having regular normal bowel movements!!


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Brandi - posted on 06/16/2009




try a teaspoon of prune juice in each bottle..if that doesnt work try a teaspoon of karo syrup...if it still doesnt work try a 4 oz bottle of pedilite. also hold his legs against his belly to help hm push ( kinda like when delivering a baby).and put a little presure on the will help.i mad the same mistake. you can also try watering down the formula by an once of water. Oh with the prune juice use regular prune juice not baby pruine juice because it is mixed with apple juice and dont give him apple juice it will make him very sick

Ruth - posted on 06/16/2009




That's terrible. When my daughter had bad stomachs the health visitor said to try her on cooled boiled water in between feeds. Also massage baby's tummy gently. She said to start at the chest and sweep your hands down over the tummy (like your strking an animal but with both hands) and then massage in an anti clockwise direction. Seemed to work for us!

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