Newborn skin irritation

Sarah - posted on 10/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My almost 7 week old son has just gotten over this horrible skin irritation. (his face, cheeks mainly). I am still guessing at what it was from, a fuzzy blanket I was using in his bassinet? We tried everything, the doctor kept saying just use baby oil. Nothing seemed to work, finally I purchased some Baby Aveeno no scent cream and held off on the baths for a few days. It seems to be working, his face is just about clear, the reddness is almost gone. Has anyone else gone through this? Any Suggestions and/or Tips?


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Michelle - posted on 10/23/2009




Hi Sarah...

Dont use baby oil! it can be pretty irritating and can cause a burning sensation on delicate skin. your little boy may have very sensitive skin and so therefore I would wash him in plane water, use a mild shampoo such as oilatum. make sure your washing powder stays the same.

Make sure your house is dust free and dont use disinfectants/room sprays when your little one is around.

My daughter went through a horrid few months of spots. when she was 2 days old her face was really spotty and red and my sister in law (a childrens nurse) put it down to the heat in the hospital as it was so warm on the wards.

But when we went home after 5 days her spots remained. I kept her bath soap free and used oilatum to shampoo her hair. We had blow heating in the flat we were in and the health visitor told us that could be a major factor in her spots as it was blowing dust around the whole flat.

They seemed, after a few days to be less red but remained for 3months when we actually had her diagnosed with a milk allergy.

She still gets spots on her face but now i put it down to dust around my mums house and the fact shes always on the floor (21 months now) messing about.

Just keep up the routine you have of soap free and also try to change his bedding every 2 days and also just use cotton materials on him.

Hope this helps x

Limara - posted on 10/21/2009




My daughter had a dry skin problem similar to eczema when she was about 9 months old. We only gave her a bath once a week and we never put any bath products in e.g. bubble bath etc. Found some wonderful all over bathwash and moisturiser by the skin shop. hope this helps. I have eczema myself so I know how awful it is.

try this link it shows the products i told you about

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