orange powder like stuff in diaper

Cheryl - posted on 06/21/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son is 4 days old and we have noticed a powder like substance orange in color in his diaper when he pees but only on occasion. any idea what it is?


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Bre - posted on 06/21/2009




Its actually uric acid crystals in the urine. It happens in the first week. Our doctor told us that it is normal and not to worry too much about it but if it doesn't go away or gets worse it could mean they are not getting enough fluids. Ours went away after the first week, it just takes time for baby to start eating enough to actually make it go away.

Melissa - posted on 06/21/2009




Disposable diapers have a type of super absorbent gel in them that crystallizes when it gets super saturated (can't hold any more liquid). Don't's not from your little one. I noticed blue crystals in the ones we were using in the beginning and it kind of freaked me out. Now we use cloth diapers at home and disposables when we travel.

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